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The Legion’s Veterans’ Policy Oversight Committee is meeting in Washington. The committee will hear presentations on the defense budget, issues faced by servicemembers transitioning to the civilian world, and the Department of Defense’s commemoration of the Vietnam War’s 50th anniversary. Speakers will include VA and DoD representatives, as well as Legion staff.


  1. I read all this white wash creative stuffff and want to puke . 50th anniversary of vet affairs denying claims to vets who are dying at an alarming rate of more than 3,000 per and v.a. aint doin nuttin for us. But God bless the gulf war vets they might have a better chance since the U S didnt poision EVERYTHING like they did in viet nam
    Hope u and the trash v.a. sends have a great time. I thought you a vet orientated mag guess i'll save my monry next time. love u l8tr by phil

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