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National Security/Foreign Relations Director Barry A. Searle and deputy director Joe Grassi Deputy participated in a conference call with the TRICARE Beneficiary Panel for a monthly update on TRICARE issues. It was briefed that there is a backlog in the European Region for Host Nation Medical Service requests due to a greater-than-anticipated volume. Additionally, topics concerning the TRICARE and Medicare appeals process, and a discussion of the TRICARE Young Adult Program were covered.


  1. The Legion along with other origs I belong to are doing nothing for my problems with TFL(Medicare/Tricare)and Tricare Standard. Yes both because I am 70 and my wife is only 55. Any increases in Tricare fees for something I was promised FREE during most of my 20 yrs (58-78) will drastically hurt now. What really makes me mad is after 79 we did not use Tricare until I retired from my civ job on Oct 1st 2002. I saved them money for all those yrs, but now, after only 8 yrs of using it they want me to PAY more. I think I paid enough with the low pay I got during my 20 yrs and by not using it for over 20 yrs after I got out. Any increases will either put us in bankruptcy or on the street or both. The idiots in Washington and the Pentagon have no idea what it was like living on practically nothing, while serving your country, because they now live high on the Hog, and have no worries about their retirement. They have plans to increase fees for both TFL and Tric hitting us with both barrels.

  2. Adding my thoughts on those in power, I would like to say that those in the government now , don't care one iota about how the general public is doing or what thge people think. as long as they have theirs. They are there to get all they can, and hope and pray(OH, I forgot they have no religion that cares about the gen. public) that the senior citizens just die and go away. Everything they do is to accomplish that. When is the BIG thing coming, that will make them declare marshal law, so they can have total domination over everyone?? I don't see them doing anything that insures this country's existence, just it's downfall.

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