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Is a 5-game suspension enough punishment for Ozzie Guillen after he was quoted saying he respected Cuban dictator Fidel Castro?


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  1. He didn't make the comment on behalf of the Marlins, and wasn't speaking for the team or management. Therefore, he should enjoy the freedom of speech that everyone who is commenting on his action is enjoying.

    Get a life, we have a sitting president who is trampling all over the Constitution and no one is nipping behind his heels. It's almost like Obama is immune from everything and the good old boys club in Washington is riding his coat-tails.

  2. This was a community relations response by the Marlins in hopes of preventing the alienation of a fairly large segment of the Miami population. On a team level it actually makes sense when one remembers that the greatest concentration of Cuban refugees is in the Miami area and the comment Ozzie made was highly offensive to them. The only difference between this comment and a racist comment is the geographical dispersal of the offended individuals. Additionally, he is a representative of the team which places a limit on what he can say within the context of his employment. Had he not been the Manager of the team he would not have been interviewed and nobody would care what he says.

  3. Unless he is speaking about baseball,why would anyone pay any attention to what Ozzie has to say? He is basically a jerk and knows nothing other then baseball.

  4. You are right about Ozzie being a jerk but you give him too much credit for his baseball knowledge. When it comes to the rules he is clueless and always has been.

  5. Since when do "sports franchises" have the "right" to stiffle free speech? Didn't we fight all over the world for our ability to say what we think, without fear of political retribution?

  6. Since it is written into every contact under the "conduct detrimental to the franchise" clause. Speech is only part of what that clause covers and the definition of what is detrimental is definable by the franchise.

  7. I did not wear the uniform to allow public outcries to override free speach. To disagree, and pointout that the opion is that of the speaker and not of his empoloyer is one thing, bbut to suspend him points to censorship.

  8. I agree about the free speech and think the suspension is nothing more than PR by the Marlins. If I were a fan I'd just boycott the Marlins (which most do anyway) and let the Marlins decide if he's worth the loss in revenue. They're in a very precarious position with no fan base and relying on the new stadium to bring them in. This isn't going to help.

    Don't know when these morons that are in the public spotlight are going to learn to shut up about anything but their business.

  9. If Obummer can bow to the ragheads, Ozzie should have free speech. This despicable great leader has denigrated this USA more than anything Ozzie can do or say.

  10. I still think we have freedom of speech in this country. A person should be allowed to say what he thinks and not be punished for it. It was this country that put Castro in his position in the first place. We have never learned that what you get might be worse than what you had. Look at the President.

  11. As I understand what coach Guillen said, it sounded like he was respecting the fact that Castro held the reins for 50 years. Let's face it, how many other dictators have lasted that long? The achievement is worth something.

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