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Should a 13-story Islamic mosque and community center be built near the site of the new World Trade Center in New York City?


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  1. McVeigh may have been a christian on some level, but the difference is that 1 He did not do it in the name of religion or holy war and 2 Christian religion does not specifically call for the destruction of people of other religions in its teachings. Muslims are not true Muslims (according to the Koran) if they do not hold to the statement, "if your neighbor is a Christian, make war with him." The only allowance is if you live in a nation that is not under Islamic control. In which case you are permitted to be courteous or nice (or what have you) as long as internally they still wish Christians ill. While it is true that we are founded on Christian principles, we are a different kind of Christian than those of Europe. Our founders sought out freedom from religious persecution here in America, yes. But we would not have tolerated Jihad in our nation. Our nation made peace with the Muslims a long time ago at our foundation. This is a state matter. 10th amendment! If NY says no mosque, ok!

  2. There is enough blame to spread around and that is true but does not mean that we should forget how We were attacked and that many peaceful American voices were silenced in the name of islam.speach is never free it has a price that was paid by those that have served Our Great Country .

  3. There is enough blame to spread around and that is true but does not mean that we should forget how We were attacked and that many peaceful American voices were silenced in the name of islam.speach is never free it has a price that was paid by those that have served Our Great Country .

  4. What freedoms do we as Americans express if we are against the muslim faith? Our Ancestors came to America just for that "Freedom of Expressing one's faith". Yet because we believe it was a "religion" that attacked us we can't seem to turn the other cheek and try to move foward? If you remember it was our own government who failed us in acting upon intelligence that could have possibly prevented the attack. Have we continued to correct that situation? I don't think so! Let's move forward in life and not get wrapped around the axel on the past. We learn from the past and through compassion, forgiveness and the love of God we move forward to make it a better place!

  5. I believe in this country and all freedoms provided to each and every citizen of the United States. Relgious freedom is one of our freedoms and that is what all members of the past and current Armed Forces should support. We cannot single out any one religion. Some in their comments seem to feel that we are at war with the Muslim faith. Not so. we are at war against any terrorist or terrorist organization that promotes, supports, and does actual harm to our country and our citizens. My God, some of us seem to think that we are still in the Age of the Crusades!

  6. During the Middle Ages it was common for Christians as well as Muslims to build churches and mosques on the sites of battlefields to thank God for their victories over their enemies. Christians have not done this in a few hundred years, but Muslims many of whom have fallen pray either willingly or unwillingly to radicalism have a middle ages mentality. Let's be honest, September 11th 2001 was a victory for Islam. We weren't aware of the coming attack and they accomplished their goal of killing Americans in New York. They won their battle or first raid. Let's not forget the many Muslims danced in celebration in Central Park and New Jersey how many Muslims either openly or silently support what happened and how many are still in the U.S. and will attend that mosque. That mosque will be dedicated to their victory on the first battlefield of the current war. I don't believe their should be any war memorials in our nation that aren't dedicated to American soldiers.

  7. Maybe we need a moratorium on mosque building until the first Christian church is built in Saudi Arabia.

  8. Build your Mosque anywhere else but New York City. Muslims won't let Christian's build a church anywhere near Mecca, same should apply to WTC
    I voted no!

  9. Common sense says WTC Ground-Zero is a historic site and no private organization should have their headquarters anywhere near it. It's at least as worthy of preservation as the other proscribed historical sites.

    Is this less important a piece of American History than any of the HUNDREDS of historic sites in NY, where you can't build, demolish or even renovate the property?

    If you're far enough away, build anything you want, this is the land of the free. But please don't step on the war graves of 3000 people, who were the first victims of a global war not against a religion, but against murderous lunatics who want to impose their version of religion.

    That's why I voted no.

  10. No mosque should be built near ground zero ever! We need no additional Muslim influence anywhere, in any city in the U.S. until the Muslim religion abolishes being committed to destroying all infidels who do not bow to Islam. Specifically, Jews & Christians are cited as those who are worthy of death. Mohammed and the Koran clearly declare this is an avowed policy! The Islamic "radicals" who commit atrocities beyond description are not radicals at all, according to their faith. They are following exactly the teachings of Mohammed and the clerics who followed him, teachings that require obedience of all Muslim believers. We are a Christian nation. Remember that Obama! Any comparison of Christianity with Islam is absolutely atrocious.
    The entire story of Islam is one of terror & conquest! It is the most vicious movement ever on the face of the earth. Today Muslims will not rest until they destroy Israel.


  11. Correction, we are a nation made up of mostly Christians but any and all faiths are protected by the Constitution of the United States period. I myself am a Christian and if I remember the atrocities of the Crusaders plenty were also Christians you know. Seems to me that we are breeding our own Christian radicals which is very dangerous to our country, our citizenry, and the world...

  12. does that number matter? do you know the number of those that commit suicide by blowing themselves up to destroy others are not zero,.... oh...goodness I almost overlooked that.., they do not care how many other Muslims they destroy as long as their target is killed/injured/maimed...and for all those anti-terror members of the Mulsim many of those have you seen making a public display against Islamic terror; how many rallies are held for the news media demanding those that teach terror be hunted down (those that plan/fund/support terrorism); how many of that peaceful order demand publicly to the world that terrorist actions be stopped.....NONE!!! many of the persons that were in the planes of 9/11 were Muslims..ALL, you also have now played your IDIOT card

  13. U.S. as in United States, as in United States of America;.....the constitution was written for US Citizens (not illegals, terrorist producers etc)......our country and the laws of our country are for U.S. citizens and for the protection of those citizens and this was not designed to protect those that want to destroy this nation and these U.S. Citizens; all those that call us racists, race has nothing to do with protecting this nation (unless all U.S. Citizens were of one race and everyone else in the world were some other race, then maybe...and even then, so what...they/we would still protect their/our nation).....yeah, throw out the overused race card..that will really help anything, oh..I almost forgot, you have played your IDIOT card!!!!

  14. I hope second comments are permitted. I omitted two important questions ..... Has the American Legion taken an "offical" position? Not seen reference in the past few magazines????
    shouldn't we? Also, is this a "done deal" and we being fooled once again by our "trusted leaders"? For such an event to have so little attention, is strange. Are our polls useless?

  15. I wish I could be as open minded (single minded?)as some. Is the Constitution for Americans or anyone who wants to hide behind it? What's the underlying reason for the building? Who will use it, pay for it? It is more than coincidence that this AREA was chosen. Note I said "area" because anywhere in that section of NYC should be off limits. I have a genuine fear, that this is not so bland as we're expected to believe. Just think how many more great targets? Yes, all religions should be treated alike. We have no reason to pacify or coddle Islam, any more than another religion. The precedent should be set, now. Of more concern, why have the "politicians" from Bloomberg to Obama not expressed any dismay or feeling? I just don't get it!! Would you offer lodging to one who personally attacked you or a family member? Not a "turn the other cheek" time. God Bless us and save us.

  16. Have we all forgotten the two young girls who hand in hand jumped from the burning tower? Are we so stupidly politically correct that we open our doors wide to enemies? Are there those so subversive and corrupt that they look the other way while our faces get slapped. God help us and our apathy; ..... 9/11 ..... let's try to remember that there are people out there who want us converted or dead. I'm not sure of the motivation behind the desire to build this mosque in this location. The motivation may not be "Freedom of Religion". Therefore - No mosque in NYC, never. There are enough already in the area.

  17. We, as a Nation, believe it is okay to mock the assignation of a great man like JFK with nudity and claim freedom of speech, we burn and desecrate the very symbol of a free nation,is it a right to protest at a fallen veteran's grave,as the family grieves for their son who paid the ultimate price so that they could protest the very thing that secured our many freedoms to begin with? As Theodore Roosevelt once said "To bear the name of American is to bear the most honorable titles; and whoever does not so believe has no business to bear the name at all, and, if he comes from Europe, the sooner he goes back there the better." This applies to everyone who is anything but an American. "Moreover, he must not bring in his Old-World religious race and national antipathies, but must merge them into love for our common country, and must take pride in the things which we can all take pride in. He must revere only our flag;not only must it come first, but no other flag should even come second."

  18. As has been posted here already, the question and the story in general is worded in a way to generate negativity. On the other hand, I think a large Islamic center that close to Ground Zero is like declaring victory over the US. I don't care if the people involved with the center are linked to terrorists or not, the Islamic community really needs to clean up their our house before posting their flag any where near Ground Zero.

  19. Build a mosque at the site of anything so we'll have something to shoot at!!Oklahoma didn't receive near the attention NYC did because we THINK the Arabs did it!!

  20. AND - I'm proud that quite a few have spoken eloquently about our CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

    It's pathetically sad that you racists are such TRAITORS to the Constitution. I thought you all took an oath to swear to DEFEND that Constitution? Instead - you want to tear it up and use it as toilet paper.

    You sicken me. If only you would all lose your veteran's status for being such racist pigs, you'd still be treated too leniently.

  21. I would like nothing more than to tell you what I kind of American you are however unlike you I respect all that served. even you so spew your hate and show your true self we dont have to read it.

  22. I believe the Religious Freedom quaranteed by our forefathers was for Chrisianity-based religions.(hence all the in God we trust statemnets found in all their paperwork). Catholic, Lutheran... Your free to pick one/any one.
    As far as an Islamic Mosque on our 911 site.. hey target practice.

  23. We attacked a country (Iraq) that invaded a country (Kuwait) that had what we deemed to be OUR oil. THEN, we stayed in Saudi Arabia against all advise given, foreign and domestic. This action was not deemed allowable by others more interested in their own sovereignty and freedom from the West and its ways. Thus, 9/11 was spawned. Arrogantly, we helped bring it down. Read the actual events and actions taken and not taken.

    Yet another example of our arrogance: We have owed Turkey 11 Billion dollars for the use of their ports, roads, anchorages, airfields, etc during the first gulf war, and we have not repaid one single dime and you wonder why they denied us usage during the 2nd one? Morons.

    We only act to serve our own interests. Catholics are killing protestants, etc. Your God is no better than anyone else's. Use HIM/HER as an excuse to kill others (Crusades, et al.) Disgusting use of incomplete history lessons, you all.

    Build away and let freedom be the cause.

  24. Our country has not only forgotten we are IN A STATE OF WAR but has NOT remembered the HUNDREDS of JAPANESE & GERMAN NAZI spies that WERE on American soil in 1941. the Media plays on the credance of the American 'shame game' and attempts to distort the REAL HISTORY of WHO and WHY these same people were in lock-up.
    Today, there has been so many so called 'Allowable Muslim' let in to this America, Plus, those that have 'gone over the Hill' of whom WERE supposidly "The NON-violent Good Islamic FAITH(?) BELEIVERS..But caring, and embracing the American Dream"....""Good God!! If that isnt a play on words, I dont know what is.....the REAL face of these 'people' is just now surfacing
    This country has still to learn to NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE ENEMY,,the main stream John Q. Public is being BS'd by soccer mom mentality...
    What Definition of WAR has changed in the past 70 years?
    this question of a MOSQUE @ grnd/zero is a NON-QUESTION...Not just No..'HELL NO..NEVER!

  25. This question is worded as deliberate disinformation and propaganda.

    They do not plan to build a new 13 story building across the street from Ground Zero. No, question does not explicitly say they are, but sure does imply it.

    They plan to remodel an existing 13-story building about 2 blocks away into a community center, with an auditorium, a swimming pool, restaurants, and … oh horrors … a mosque. Why, such a thing might remind people that among the 3000 murdered were a few dozen US citizens who followed Islam, at least one of whom was a US Army vet and then current reservist.

  26. Let them build their mosque somewhere else! There are plenty of other places for them to do so! Islamic Terrorists were at fault for the death of 3000 innocent American lives. As a U.S.Navy Veteran, I emphatically say, "HELL NO!!!". Not NOW or EVER as far as I am concerned.

  27. Timothy McVeigh was a Christian. Does that mean that no Christian Churches should be built anywhere near the Oklahoma Federal Building's remains?

    Look how many people died as a result of CHRISTIAN TERRORISM!!!

    You hypocritical racists will burn in hell for your hypocrisy.

  28. All I have seen you do in the comments is berate and name call anyone who doesn't agree with you. Everyone here has the same right as you to have their own opinion. You may not like it, and it is also your right. But you sound like you only want one opinion, yours.

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but you aren't the ultimate authority, no one is, but GOD.

  29. Frankly, no. If you have to put something up there for the PUBLIC place a NON-demoninational chapel somewhere close by. After bombing the towers into crap, now they want to rub our noses in it?

  30. My first inclination was to say our religeous freedom beliefs should allow this mosque to be built. Then I learned of the anti-American teachings of the leader of the mosque. It is obvious that the purpose of the mosque is to thumb their nose at our country.
    Deny a building permit and deport the people behind it.

  31. Do you happen to know how many of those who were killed in the attack were of the Islamic faith? I don't, either, but I AM certain the number is greater than zero.

    If we are willing to give up our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms, and by "our", I mean ANYONE within the jurisdiction of the United States, then the terrorists accomplished their objective.


  32. Religious freedom having already been cited, let's look at the wording.
    It's not "at" Ground Zero, it's "near." How far out do you extend the hallowed ground of a shrine? According to what I've found, it's 600 feet from GZ. If you've ever been to San Antonio, there are a lot of buildings within that range of The Alamo, which is considerd under Texas Law a "venerated object." Where do you draw the line??

  33. this is an act of terrisim, nothing to do with religion. how dare they invoke the the name of the God of Abraham to kill innocent people. Its been to long, rebuild the twin towers bigger and better with three towers to symblise the Father, Son and the third tower as the Holy spirit thats what i think the people that died in it would like us to do, to show that we are nation that is strong and the time of morning is past but not forgotten and a symble of life not a shadow of their death. Lets get to work!

  34. The American public has already forgotten the lesson of 9/11; so what's the big deal?

    Seriously, I don't know what Mayor Bloomingberg is thinking....maybe the Islamic community was high bidder for the property??? Frankly, I feel that the families of those lost in the tragedy, and the survivors, should have the say as to whether a mosque should be sited near the Twin Towers location. I have a feeling you will hear a resounding "NO!", but their input should be honored in this case.
    Dick from NC

  35. I feel it is an indication of the true American spirit to allow the construction of an Islamic Cultural Center (and Mosque) on a site near the site of the former world trade center. There were many Muslims killed as a result of the 9/11 action as were Jews, Sikhs, Agnostics and Atheists. Our country was founded on basis religions freedom and the ability to prove some one guilty before denying them their rights. As a Vietnam Veteran, I was willing to lay down my life for my country as were (and are) many Muslims, Jews, etc. A cultural Center to explain the true tenets of Islam and not the radical rantings of misguided followers will go a long way to help us understand how we are different and also the same.

  36. A non denominational sanctuary should be provided at (Ground Zero) for prayer or quiet reflection as a means of bringing people together. This is in keeping with our Freedom of Religion and does not favor any one sect over another.

  37. there are plenty of places to build their mosque,
    why destroy the site of our fellow americans who most were heroes that lost their lives there give our people some space for memories of their loved ones.

  38. Do I believe a Mosque should be built near the WTC in NYC?

    Of course! Why should the location matter? This would be like asking whether or not it would be OK to build a Japanese Restaurant near the Pearl Harbor Memorial, a British Embassy next to the White House, or a Vietnamese Restaurant next to the Wall.

    Not every Japanese is a Fascist out to kill everybody.

    Not ever Islamic believer is a Radical out to kill

    Not every Vietnamese is out to kill everybody.

    Just my two cents, from a New Yorker himself.

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