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Should Major League Baseball players caught using steroids or other banned substances be expelled from the sport for life?


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  1. drugs are drugs sports are sports If you good at what you you will be outstanding with or without drugs

  2. Steroids were big when I was in 1990-97 and they're even bigger nowdays. Come on Legionares do you really think those guys got that big doing push-ups and sit- ups?

  3. From all indications, steroids have been added to foodstuff and livestock for a number of years. I think we all remember the popular milk commercials of the eighties and ninetys.... How do you think the parents felt when they continued to buy athletic shoes for their growing scchool kids? Even congressmen eat steaks that have steriods in them, have they been tested for increasing waist sizes. I am happy that our troops are not tested and found "GUILTY". Let's consider again what we EAT and DRINK.

  4. Whereas - these are young people, who from time to time DO make mistakes, and
    Whereas - the records of sport should be sacrosanct, and
    Whereas - it is in the best interest of sport to compare records throughout the ages.
    Be it Resolved - that all records be stricken of and for any player made BEFORE their steroid use admission or failed test.
    Be it Further Resolved - that players identified as steroid users be suspended from all participation or practice of sport for a period of two years.
    Be it Further Resolved that such players undergo anti-drug training and strict drug and steroid screening using continuously updated technology during this suspension and foreverafter.

  5. In any sport. Anyone using illegal growth homones or steroids to inhance their performance should be banned from sports for life. Anyone proven to use the same in the past should have all their records removed from all the books and banned from even being considered for the hall of fame in any sport. I think all these cheats are nothing but criminals whose egos got way out of control. ENOUGH!

  6. First, I cannot see how this is an American Legion issue. As far as the military is concerned it is Zero Tolerance that has worked well in cleaning up the mess of the '70s. That being said, if Paul Hournung and Pete Rose are expelled for betting, I certainly any illegal drug using pro-athlete should be banned from sports as well.

    Ron Kriel
    CAPT USN (Ret.)

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