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How do you plan to celebrate The American Legion’s birthday?


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  1. I will go to my local American Legion, watch everyone drink and laugh. I'm sure they will have a brief ceremony, and then they will go back to drinking and laughing. Just another typical day at the Legion. They will sit around and discuss why their country is going to hell and blame everyone but themselves. They will say too many words in anger and regret what they said tomorrow. We need to stop and look around at what WE have done. All of are us loosing. There will be no winners, just like war.

  2. Charles Cundiff has it right. Although they are not protecting big corporations they are making it as difficult as possible to do business with thousands of pages of new regulations. They are in the business of growing the government and protecting their own interests.

  3. Charles Cundiff pretty much says it all, and I too don't feel much like celebrating anything anymore. Our country is in such a sad condition and getting worse. We are not going by our instruction manual anymore. All our elected officials are so greedy, instead of being public servants dedicated to the betterment of our country and our way of life as we once knew it all they think about is protecting the big corporations who contributed to their expensive campaign funds to get them elected. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Senator Shelby said it right the other day when he stated that our government is headed for financial suicide.

  4. This may be the Birthday of the American Legion, but with our Beloved Country being $16.5 Trillion Dollars in Debt, it is hard to Celebrate anything.
    Our Leaders for the pass 12 years have been Incompetent, staring wars we could not pay for, Passing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which will add almost $2 Trillion a year to our expenditures, and again money we do not have.
    At the current rate of spending, we will hit $32 Trillion dollars of debt in 7.3 years. Our Beloved Country will be Bankrupt. And everything we have come to love the last 223 years of our Constitutional Life will end.
    As an Association of the American Military the American Legion should be Leading the Fight to stop the destruction of; Our Constitutional Rights, Our Freedoms, and most Important Our Country.
    As the United States Army Freedom Team's Motto states; "I was a Soldier, I am a Soldier, and I will always be a Soldier."
    Thank You

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