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How should the U.S. respond to Russia's one-year asylum for accused NSA leaker Edward Snowden?


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  1. You cant blame everything on obammmma. All those who are supporting him at this very moment will be in office their next term. Because we are not strong enough to vote them out. We are no longer "We the People," any longer. Were Democraps or Repubic hairs. I don't see all those politicians backing him doing much good at all, for the American People. Are we going to vote the enemy out of office????

  2. I think this poll is about what Russia did, not Snowden. It doesn't ask about guilt or not. Snowden has a chance to tell his side. That would be a trial by jury of his peers. He has the right to have legal counsel address that issue. I would have had more respect for him if he took that option. He looks like a '70S draft dodger now.

  3. [That would be a trial by jury of his peers.]

    Such a trial would not be 'fair' by any stretch of the imagination. If I understand correctly US trial for Snowden would be conduced by the secret squirrels under their rules.

    Another abuse of authority trial managed by the abusing authorities. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Putin Calls Obama a "Butt Boy" (French & Russian Newspapers), so when Obama is out of Office Russia will return Snowden.

  5. This poll did not contain any non condemning answers. I was forced to pick an answer I didn't agree with in order to write a comment in opposition. If anyone has the time, go to the whistle blowers web site and see how whistle blowers get treated. You will see that it isn't a good idea to be a whistle blower. Who would want to be a whistle blower if you end up in prison anyway? Isn't it just possible that there is another side to this story that isn't being told? If the person who wrote this poll really loves this country, he or she should have allowed for some opposite point of view to be presented; the poll doesn't. This poll doesn't help to America better it only presents a lopsided choice; a guilty choice. To be trueful none of us know if Mr. Snowden is a hero or a traitor, we only have our government's opinion on that. They haven't given him the same right you should have, that is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Our govenment hasn't been very trustworthy to its citizens, especially to us vets. Why should we automatically assume they are right in this case? They have been wrong on so many things it seems to me it wouldn't be wise to accept what they are saying here. Isn't possible that they have more to be asshamed of than prehaps Mr. Snowden has?

  6. Its Obama's mess. Let him fix it. They did not have any problem trying to get the courts to use international law to judge American Citizens. Now when the same international law is protecting Snowden, they don't like it.

  7. Actually it is Americas mess. Can we say abuse of authority?
    Closer objective examination will uncover substantial involvement by big war, politics, propaganda, lies, chicken-hawks, secret squirrels, big money and more negatives.

    Pardon Snowden indict clapper

  8. I did not vote in the poll on Edward Snowden as all of the possible choices were wrong. Snowden should be honored by all of us as he has fulfilled his Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. And, the American Legion should be demanding that the NSA should be censored by Congress and that Obama and anyone else involved in this should face charges of having violated the Constitutional rights of every American citizen. While Snowden is a true patriot and hero the politicians that made this happen are traitors, and remember that these self-same traitors are the ones who allowed the travesty in Benghazi as well.

  9. I believe your point of view about the direction of the question is spot on were the question about Snowden's guilt or innocence. However, the question seems more about how the US should act (respond) to Russian actions concerning Snowden. As such, the answers provided, seem appropriate and allowed for across the board selection; including the inevitable “forgetaboutit” choice.

    I do not share your enthusiastic embracing of Snowden and his actions; especially in light of his refusal to submit to adjudication, in a court of law, of his guilt or innocence. I personally believe Snowden is a poor, silly, individual whose actions revealed something, anyone not living under a rock for the past thirty years, already understood as ongoing for one political reason or another. Snowden’s revealing it like he had found the Holy Grail only made him appear even more naive than he probably is in reality. His reluctance to have a day in court may stem from a reluctance to take responsibility for his actions (all actions, regardless of the reason for those actions, come with consequences) or because he is actually guilty of a crime; without a day in court one will never know what actually motivated Snowden. However, since Snowden, as with any other citizen, is presumed innocent until proven guilty I’ll reserve judgment until he has had his day in court. Those proclaiming his hero status, just as those claiming he is a traitor, would do well to observe this Constitutional limitation.

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