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Should affirmative action include requirements to hire a certain percentage of veterans?


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  1. It appears that the veterans who have made negative comments regarding affirmative action, based upon race and religious discrimination, do not understand the real meaning of affirmative action. It means that you cannot refuse to hire the most qualified individual for a position because of their race or religious affiliation. Too often, and it is happening everyday in America, the most qualified individual is not selected for a position because of their race or religious affiliation. It appears that it is okay to die for this country; however, it is not okay to select the most qualified individual for a position because of their race or religious affiliation. Wake up veterans, we had your back in combat; however, it appears you want to disown us when it comes to getting jobs!

  2. Unfortunately Affirmative Action was needed, It helped me and alot others if it wasn’t for it I would have never opportunity to be in the Navy. The program help my demographic actually the most: The White Female,(People are mistaken when they think it helped African Americans the most) I am a proud say I was a Successful Sailor, Wife, and Mother. I am Proud that I was able to Serve My Country as my Father did before me, as a girl I just wanted to get in his sea bag and go off and travel with him and Chief buddies. If Attitudes in the work place hadn’t of changed I would have never served on a Combatant Ship and Earned my Warfare Devices. People are still being discriminated against so lets just stop discriminating. Let’s let the gay come out, cause they are here, and have been here since forever, and lets start to hire because people because they are Qualified not what race or gender they are., HMC(SW/AW)(ret)Jennifer Brennan

  3. I believe in Affirmative action only if the person being considered is qualified for the job that is avalible not just to fill the position because a minority has to be hired to fill a position.

  4. Affirmative action is discrimination pure and simple. I worked for a major defense contractor for over 20 years and I lost my job, my retirement, and my benefits, due to the company being forced to hire minorities per affirmative action. Ask me if I think it's right?...NO IT IS NOT!

    Vietnam Veteran

  5. I also agree with the previous comments by sunny.Very good point.Yes unfortunately it happens and it makes a difference if youre a veteran.I agree that a there should be something added that us veterans should be hired on jobs as i also am a ten point veteran and vets i agree should come first in line when it comes to jobs.It is important that we recognize all us veterans who have served our country as lots have gone through many adverses and with this new inactment put in place would help our us veterans.

  6. Yes,
    I am a veteran who has lived and resides in the State Of Hawaii and when first came here found it very hard to live here and find work after the military after having service injury during service.I firmly believe in this action as veterans everywhere in the world that have fought for our country have earned this right as US Citizens of their state.I support the US Veterans as they are the backbone of our country.

  7. I'd remind the Cpl that he is correct, "option that worked to correct this inequality was affirmative action". They key word is WAS. If you have ever lost out on a good job because of you're a white male,you'd know that it's as bad as being denied that job because you're a minority. I'm not saying that bigotry is no longer a factor nor racism. Some people will never change unfortunately but to do the same wrongs to others because of their skin or sex doesn't make it right. AA DID help to correct this but today IS different than yesterday. With stronger laws, many avenues of challenging such wrongs are in place. More women and minorities are rightfully in place where they can help right an inequity that may be done. It's time for people to stand on their own abilities and not hide behind AA to get ahead. And in many places, veterans get "vet preference points". With everyone struggling, let's not MAKE it a vet, racial or gender battle. A little tolerance please.

  8. I would remind the Capt., Ron Kriel (Ret), that the military was one of the first implementers of affirmative action techniques to offset the inequality of minority officers and enlisted men in the services.

    Many, highly qualified minority personnel, were relegated to subordinate jobs because of misconceived ideas about racial intelligence, training and genetic dispositions.

    The only option that worked to correct this inequality was affirmative action programs and protocols.

    The programs in the military have proven beyond a doubt that affirmative action does work to put the right people into the right job and provide equity with racial population proportions.

    Affirmative action is not putting underrated people in the wrong job, it's putting equally qualified people into jobs so as to assure that no one race will dominate the job market.

    Cpl. John Ray (Ret)

  9. Since I believe that individuals should be selected on their merits, including training, experience, skill, etc., I do not believe in affirmative action. In this light, the question is moot.

    Ron Kriel
    CAPT USN (Ret.)

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