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How should the United States intervene in Libya?


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  1. Who are we to decide. Qaddafi is not the only despot in the world here.. If we kill him, will a radical Islamic ruler take place? If so it will be worse. Further more the unconditional compliance of the Geneva Conventions, and it's ROE'S is a bane to our military to function as force to be reckoned with.. I'm tired of US going into wars half cocked with out gaining total submission to our laws from those we invade. And tributes should be paid out for the blood we send over. If we have to go in an Islamic type country. Our soldiers should only carry 3 things. Gun, Knife, or a Whip, and have total power over these animals.. Let the International Red Cross do the rest.. Other wise STAY HOME!!!1

  2. On principle, I quite agree. And I would suggest that their children expeditiously be trained, equipped and SENT, along with their children's CHILDREN where that's appropriate.

    Not to say the military would be able to make good use of them necessarily. In the case of our chickenhawks especially, I doubt they would be of much actual use in combat. But at least those surviving might have direct experience of WAR. The human costs of which, apparently, they have little gut-level knowledge of AT ALL.

    We've tried entering into Civil Wars before. Many times. Always for our own selfish interests, and always citing our exceptionalism and "good intentions" divorced or distanced from perceived or real national interests. The ordinary results have been disastrous. I don't imagine it's a lesson that's lost on many HERE.

    Remove considerations of Middle East Oil, would we be so actively involved in this latest conflict? Seriously?

  3. I think we should aways step up when a country starts killing its own people. Someone in the world needs to speak for the people when governments will not. In Libya its a dictator that wants to hold on to his power so his family can have all that the world has to offer while his people starve. We should of put a stop to it sooner.
    Now that we are helping the news needs to keep their mouth shut and quit trying to divided this country like they always do. The biggest problem we have in this country today is our News Media.

  4. Right now it is just a rebel uprising, no different from the uprisings in South America . The US should not do any more in Libya than it did for the uprisings in South America or any other country.

  5. we need to do whats in our hearts and defend freedom and democracy which is always costly but like someone else said there's children involved and the merciless killings going on. As a freedom fighter the US needs to do the right thing.

  6. Considering the UN approved a “No Fly Zone” and the addition of “Take whatever action needed to protect innocent civilian lives from the forces of Mohamar Qadaffi” wording coupled with France’s diplomatic recognition of the Libyan rebels it is highly probable France will view that as a mandate to insert the LEP Rgmt and use French jets to attack Libyan mobile AA and Armor advancing on Benghazi. France announced it would be taking action within hours immediately following the UN decision. This is basically a European and Arab League problem the US should proceed to assist any European / Arab League coalition operations in the area. However, it should not take a lead role or carry the lion’s share of the financial burden.

  7. We should stay out. It might have helped if we could have use a drone in the first day or two to take him out. But now it's a little too late.We would just make matters worse and drag the whole conflict out. My big question is this. The Arab League was the first to say that a "no fly zone" should be established. Well, we have been equipping and training all of these Arab countries for years. Why can't they take on the responsibility of policing their own instead of the US being a mercenary army for Muslims?

  8. I find the numbers in the survey dead on. The US is still engaged in two costly wars, which we took the lead on with little world community support. Why even bother to have a United Nations and UN troops if its members and armed forces are not going to standup against such lethal abuses by a world government of its own citizens. America has taken the lead enough for a bunch of free loading countries who are unwilling to stand with us for democracy and freedom. I cannot justify to American families why they should sacrifice their fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters while the rest of the World community protects their resources, material, financial, and human by remaining on the sidelines! Time for America to be more protective of its resources, all of them!!

  9. I can not believe the numbers for this survey. There are innocent men, women, children being killed for no other reason that they want to have a fair and decent government. And now there are 4 journalists missing, taken captive in a military that has no Honor, and a govt that lacks any Humanity. There needs to be a stop to hostilities and if the UN wont go in and stop the killing then we should.

  10. We should bomb their gunnery emplacements and Air Force. We did it succesfully in 1981 and Gadaffai ran scared.


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