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Do you think Congress will raise the U.S. debt ceiling by August 2?


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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have been moving away from a Democracy for quite some time now. We have become or are becoming a Corporatocracy a system of government where corporations, conglomerates, and/or government entities with private components, control the direction and governance of a country, including carrying out economic planning notwithstanding the 'free market' label. As soon as Unions are abolished and there is a movement underfoot to do that, we will all be in very deep dodo. Additionally, Wall Street is basically a casino playing with not only the little guy's hard earned money but that of the world we live in. We are in an awful mess no matter what they decide to do Aug 2.

  2. If the ultra rich would pay thire part and i mean more than that because they steal it from us anyway and close the loop holes and let the little people keep more after all we spend it and they hord it.

  3. Energy Guy I agree with you 100%. Congress has to get its proverbial head out of its rectum and cut spending. They are addicted to the public treasury and spend OUR money like there is an unending supply. It doesn't matter who the president is the problem is with Congress. They control the purse strings not the president but they sit back and blame whoever the president is for the mess that they created. They sound like a bunch of four year olds who are caught with their hands in the cookie jar and try to blame it on their sibling.

  4. I think the Congress will set a short term debt ceiling, however I do not think they will stick to it. After all they haven't stuck to anything yet.

  5. Interest on the debt is over 400 billion a year which 1.1 billion a day. Has any one thought about paying off the debt?

  6. We borrow 4.3 Billion a day, every day. We could buy 2 and 1/2 space shuttles a day. Think about that. Then ask, who is trying to get the debt clock to start running backwards? Every Dem and quite a few Rep want to keep spending. The Rep bill will add 9.5 Trillion in 10 yr. Debt will be $24,000,000,000,000.00 You don't want to know what the Dem bill will add. When will the spending stop if not now?

  7. I think the current rationale in the Congress and Senate is to do whatever they can do to make the President look bad. They do not seem to care about the American people at all. I do believe that spending should be curtailed but I also believe that the rich people should pay their fair share.

  8. The debt ceiling has nothing to do with jobs in the private sector economy. This country has a spending problem, not a revenue problem so it's absolutely unnecessary to increase anyone's taxes in this issue. Cutting spending by the same amount as the ceiling increase is the only sane, responsible thing to do here. Even if the ceiling is reached, there is enough money coming in each month to cover SS, Medicare, Medicaid and active military pay so all this chatter is nothing but a scare tactic. This Administration has not passed a budget in almost 900 days, i.e., since it took office. This is a shame and a disgrace, as it shows a dereliction of duty. Raise the ceiling, cut spending by the same amount, and then pass a budget with large spending cuts next year so this doesn't become a recurring problem. All Legion members should make it a point to educate themselves in basic economics as well. There IS NO FREE LUNCH, period.

  9. Unfortunately, the biggest stubbling block to getting anything done are those members of both Houses that put their number one priority as making sure that Obama is a one term president and they are doing at the cost of the country, the people and in direct conflict with what needs to be done to put people to work. They have sworn thier allegience and taken oaths to groups in contradiction to their oaths of office.

  10. Instead of being angry,you need to understand this is done for last years bills. not this year. so we need to ok it and move on to the next budget. and the new budget should have cuts and get rid of tax loopholes. this will not help get people jobs. jobs is the key to getting us out of this mess. people can't buy,noone hires,simple as that.

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