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The American Legion Magazine

An American Legion Magazine tribute to the post-9/11 generation of veterans and the war they still fight.


The post-9/11 generation’s place in history

Most veterans of the post-9/11 wars have been home for some time, but in many ways America is just getting to know them.

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United as one

Desk jockey at Camp Pendleton one night, at war with terror the next day.

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Lights of Liberty

NYPD sergeant, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, is guided by the reasons we went to war and steps required to secure the peace.

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Battlefields of Terror

Asymmetrical, frontless warfare produces distinctive 21st-century fights that will take their place in the annals of U.S. military history.

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War and Detention

Today’s state-oblivious battle against terrorism has tested the laws of war.

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I Am The American Legion - Theresea Cruz

“My loyalty and my passion are with The American Legion because of that fond memory of my father.”

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How to manage out-of-pocket medical costs

Know your coverage and manage your care to help control costs.

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