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Why do you think illegal border crossings have fallen to their lowest rates since the early 1970s?

Increased surveillance and enforcement of laws along the border.
11% (262 votes)
Lack of economic opportunities in the United States.
54% (1323 votes)
Faulty calculations. There are just as many illegal border crossings as ever.
28% (684 votes)
Most of the illegal aliens who want to be in the United States are already here.
5% (131 votes)
Improved living conditions and opportunities in Latin America.
2% (51 votes)
Total votes: 2451


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  1. What's really sad about all of this is that neither political party has a solution other than throwing more of our tax dollars away. There is actually a solution to this so called "problem" of Mexican immigration. However, 1st there must be a change in the U.S. tax code where EARNED INCOME is no longer taxed only UN-EARNED INCOME is taxed. Then, a CONSUMPTION tax is incremented which should start at 2 cents on the dollar. This CONSUMPTION tax would not be on food, which would affect the poor folks.
    Now, this would take several years to determine the % of CONSUMPTION tax that is needed to pay off the National Debt and budget. (Stay with me.)
    This CONSUMPTION tax means that now, everyone is paying the same amount of tax whether they are illegal or not. The folks that spend the most money, ( the wealthy ) will be paying the most tax, however.
    Then, the U.S. should invite Mexico to become the 51st State. When that happens all the Mexicans will go back home and the U.S. starts collecting CONSUMPTION tax from all of them.

  2. Hmm? Now I wonder who doesn't seem to want to bother with the facts? robertgross, if you want to look like someone with at some intellectual capacity, you should refrain from painting with such a broad brushstroke, especially before doing your homework. If you want to be intellectually honest, both democrats and republicans like to ignore the facts at times. So, if you are a man of honor, which I presume you might be, you would agree taht both parties can share plenty of blame for chest pounding, despite facts and not slam the republicans as a whole, as do dishonest people in both parties. many blessings to you and yours! :-)

  3. FACT: The current Obama Administration has deported more illegals than any other administration. The Republicans pound their chests about Immigration Policies and criticize Obama about being soft but they dont want to be bothered with the facts.

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