18-2019 Officer Directory


National Commander

Greg "Doc" Gibbs - (NY)

National Vice Commanders

Michael S. Cotten - (DE)--Eastern Region

Mike's Biography

Steven A. Gower Sr. - (VA)--Southern Region

Steve's Biography

Matt T. Christie-(IL)--Central Region

Matt's Biography

Peter Sierminski-(CO)--Mid West Region

Peter's Biography

Edward M. Cleary -(AZ)--Western Region

Ed's Biography


National Adjutant-Anthony W. Wright-(PA)


National Assistant Adjutant - Harold E. Thompson Jr. - Emeritus--(NE)

National Assistant Adjutants

Ed Sheubrooks-(FL)

Robert J. Avery-(NY)

David M. Ridenour-(IN)

Jeffrey E. Hicks-(NJ)

Scott A. Williams-(VA)

Scott J. Thorton-(OH)

National Chaplain-David L. Rippe-(NE)

National Historian-Timothy S. Van Patten, II-(NY)

National Judge Advocate-Joseph Paviglianti-NY.



National Sergeant-At-Arms-Gregory A. Falco-(NY)


National Assistant Sgt-At-Arms

Lyle G. Larson-(KS)

Brian K. Waters-(PA)

Raymond P. Giehll lll-(IN)



Aide To The National Commander-Gary W. Denmon-(NY)

Editor, SAL Newsletter-Mike Pipher-(IN)

Event Coordinator-Clifford E. Hall-(GA)


Web Master-Gene H. Theroux-(MA)

Ken George

Ken George - (Fr)

National SAL Liaison


Brian Compton

Internal Affairs/S.A.L. & Membership

Charters Clerk


National Officer Reports

National Veterans Employment & Education Commission Report

American Legions Best Kept Secret?  Operation Comfort Warriors