*Note: All Legion/SAL charter related forms can now be found on our website at www.legion.org/publications/256646/legion-sal-charter-forms


Annual Squadron Data Report (SDR) & Instructions—fillable

SAL Handbook

SAL Youth Handbook

SAL Rules of the National Executive Committee

SAL National Administration Manual - 2020 edition

Website Guidelines

SAL A New Squadron Brochure

SAL Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Brochure

TAL Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Handbook

SAL Branding Guidelines - Quick Reference

SAL Member Data Form - Instructions

SAL Member Data Form – fillable

SAL Membership Application - fillable

SAL Brochure

Why I Belong Brochure

SAL Recruitment Poster


SAL Videos of Service Rules 2023

Video of Service Entry Fillable Form

Snapshot of Service with Release Forms Revised 2022-20-27

SAL Flag Appreciation Certificate – fillable

2022-2023 SAL IRA Award Pin Form – fillable

SAL Blue Brigade Award Form - fillable

SAL Recruiter of the Year Award Nomination Form – fillable

SAL Squadron Commander of the Year Award Criteria

SAL Squadron Commander of the Year Award Nomination - fillable

SAL 5-Star Award Info. Sheet

SAL 5-Star Award Submission Form - fillable

SAL Citation of Achievement Request Form - fillable

SAL 100% Squadron Honor Request Form - fillable

SAL All Time High RED Honor Ribbon Request Form - fillable


SAL How to Conduct a Squadron Meeting Guide

myLegion Support Team - contact info & helpful links


The American Legion Basic Training Course Online

CWF Banner Form

CWF Banner Order Form 2022-2023 - fillable