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House passes various veterans measures

On July 14, the House passed H.R. 1037, the Pilot College Work Study Programs for Veterans Act of 2009, by a vote of 422-0.

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Small business Parity bill introduced in senate

On July 21, Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, introduced S. 1489, the Small Business Contracting Programs Parity Act of 2009.

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'I'm a different person now'

For 30 years, The American Legion Law Enforcement Career Academy has instilled integrity and respect in Arizona youth.

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Medicare reimbursement bill introduced in House

Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., introduced legislation July 28 that would allow VA to bill Medicare for third-party reimbursements of eligible veterans for nonservice-connected medical conditions.

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Senate passes survivor benefits amendment

Aamendment repeals the offset of pay for surviving spouses who are eligible for both military and survivor benefits.

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House considers resolution to honor Korean War vets

House of Representatives is considering a resolution to honor the 6.8 million Americans who served in the Korean War by adding Korean War Armistice Day.

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Milcon, VA appropriations bill passes House

Bill would greatly increase VA funding for medical services, support and facilities, passed the House of Representatives on July 10.

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House passes four Legion-backed bills

VA medical centers throughout the nation will finally have on-time budgets if American Legion-supported legislation, passed June 23 in the U.S. House of Representatives, becomes law.

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Letters support emergency war-funding measure

The American Legion has delivered letters of appreciation to congressional leaders and President Barack Obama for their efforts to pass an emergency wartime spending bill.

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New legislation proposed for veterans

A Veterans Affairs subcommittee is moving two pieces of legislation forward: one would make it easier for veterans to get mental-health benefits, and the other would make more WW II veterans eligible for compensation payments

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Ohio congressman introduces "Veterans Missing in America Act"

Rep. Pat Tiberi, R-Ohio, has introduced legislation supporting an effort to identify and inter the abandoned cremated remains of military veterans.

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Vets urge Supreme Court to protect memorials

Five veterans groups conducted a news conference to spotlight the controversial Mojave Desert Memorial, the fate of which is currently at stake in Salazar v. Buono.

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