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Capt. Michael Stewart, commander of Able Company, 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade, takes a break with his men during Operation Iron Mountain Goat II out of Combat Outpost Bad Pakh in Afghanistan’s Laghman province.

Back to A-Stan

Legion writer, OEF veteran returns to the war zone, where the sands have shifted since his U.S. Army tour.

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Harold Thomas, a Vietnam War combat veteran, successfully completed treatment after ending up in Judge Stephen Manley’s court on drug charges.

Restorative Justice

Veterans treatment courts make differences in the lives of those who served.

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A German Model 1942 helmet found with a U.S. mortar embedded in it is just one of the pieces housed at the Wilson Research & History Center in Little Rock, Ark.

10 Million Puzzle Pieces

Math is not on the side of an Arkansas lawyer who has poured his heart and soul into building the world’s largest collection of military headgear.

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The Wereth Eleven

Award-winning film tells the forgotten story of black soldiers brutally murdered during the Battle of the Bulge.

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Blessed…truly blessed

D-Day veteran reconciles his military experiences by volunteering on behalf of veterans who have passed.

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