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In Your Own Words: Personal Experiences


He is one of many unheralded faces in the crowd with an unwavering sense of self and a clear vision for what is right.

The Infantryman

Over the course of my tour, I came to have a special "affection" for The Infantryman.

Reserved Veterans Parking

Did you know you can create Reserved Veterans Parking spaces near you.

Pennsylvania Post 790 shows support for member in Afghanistan

Several Pennsylvania American Legion Post 790, Smithton, show their support for deployed Post member serving in Afghanistan.

Military Banner Tribute

Monessen, Pa. Salutes its Heros

Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Cries for Attention and Donation

On the outskirts of Paris, the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial, which depends on charity for upkeep, stands in woebegone condition due to lack of support.

Finding Roscoe Enloe's Grave

My father, Harold B. Baker Jr., belonged to Roscoe Enloe Post No. 5 in Jefferson City, Mo., but I never thought about who Roscoe Enloe was.

Tough Guys

This is a story that I wrote several years ago while reflecting on my husband's battle with Multiple Myeloma. The disease was linked to his Agent Orange Exposure several years earlier in Vietnam. His battle was only 14 months long at which time he died from the disease. Our son was serving a tour in Afghanistan at the time and sometimes I wasn't sure I could handle all that was going on.

We Must Never Forget

My name is Deborah Robinson and I am the widow of a VietNam Veteran and also the bereaved mom of a young combat vet. I have written several short stories to help bring awareness to real issues facing our nation's heroes. It is my way of trying to honor these great men and all veterans. Both were 100% disabled at the time of their deaths. Thanks for your time and for your awesome magazine! It makes a difference. > Sincerely, Deborah L. Robinson >

Remembering the Fallen

A journey of gratitude in word and image of the sacrifice of our veterans from the American Revolutionary War to the present day.

What the World Owes Me for My Experience in World War II

My opinion on the foreign policies of the U.S. government since World War II.

WWII Homefront in Chicago

Home front memoir of a boy living near Wrigley Field in Chicago during WWII. The sights and sounds of the neighbourhood and the importance of the alley not just as a play area, but as an entrance to the block for commerce; trucks running on wooden tires, civil defence simulated air raid practice, collection of scrap materials for the war effort, and crowds singing during the Cub's game.

Two Boys and an Alley

The alley was the gateway to everywhere.


9 Pennsylvania boys in one family all in military, Army, Navy Air Force and Marines

"I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE ------------!"

It is always with great emotion that I recite the pledge of allegiance to our flag. Each of us demonstrate allegiance to our flag and country in different ways. Some of us have had the privilege to demonstrate their allegiance by serving in the armed forces. My family and the members of Paul Hartt American Legion Post 145 in Bloomington, Neb., have demonstrated their allegiance in extraordinary ways.

When a Horse Meets a Veteran

Upon graduating from Santa Clara University I felt a powerful want to give back to my community. For the past year I have devoted my time to helping local veterans through therapeutic horseback riding. Experiencing the incredible transformation that occurs when a horse meets a veteran is absolutely amazing...


Why I was brave, but my husband was much braver.

Medal of Honor at Iwo Jima

First Lieutenant Jack Lummus, USMC Reserve

Iwo Jima - February 23, 1945

Raising the Flag

In Eternal Remembrance

December 7, 1941


In Profound Gratitude for their Commitment and Sacrifice on our Behalf


Uncommon Valor – June 6, 1944

Say something

You are not alone, you just need to say something.

To "Restore Prosperity and Preserve Freedom" share the address of my website, if you agree with the content found there. Thanks and God bless.

The Doctor at Bastogne

Creative non-fiction short story

A Visit to Margraten

A nephew honors his uncle’s memory at the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten.

Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America is a national program that honors veterans with a mission of Remember, Honor, and Teach.

A conversation in a 1970 Gasthaus

Being stationed in the Eifel of Germany in 1970 was a challenge for the young troops. Costs were high. Housing hard to get. Food was expensive. Being a backward, dairy farming area, the locals were not always as understanding of the U. S. soldiers as one might expect.

Legionaire competed for Ms. Veteran America 2014

I became an active member since I joined in October 2004 from Service Officer, to Commander, and 10 years later, I found myself competing for Ms. Veteran America 2014. WOW!

Mundy-Beck Post 9-1-1 7th Annual Toys 4 Tots

Bring smiles to hundreds of children faces during the holiday season.

“How Entrepreneurs Can Help Our Veterans"

Budget Blinds CEO Chad Hallock discusses how his company is helping veterans

Max Long picture

Pearl Harbor ceremony with picture

He Didn't Die Alone

It took sixty years for Earl Finn to get an answer to the events surrounding his brother Joe's death on the battlefield. He even wrote a poem, "Why Did My Brother Joe Die?" The answer was at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Destroyer Escort Sailors Association and the USS Slater DE766

My experience with the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association and how a group of dedicated DESA volunteers saved the USS Slater DE766

Recruiting effort needs veterans’ voices for future success

Our all-volunteer force has served the nation well for more than 40 years, but without renewed interest, the future readiness, quality and effectiveness of the all-volunteer force is at risk. How can you help? Share your story with the youth in your community. Encourage them to be part of something greater than themselves, to protect and defend the freedoms and values upon which we built our great nation.

A Veteran's Day Memoir

Veteran's Day is always a solemn reunion for this eclectic bunch of Veteran's. One of their sons, a Veteran himself, was invited to come along and have lunch with this older generation of heroes.

College Freshman

The value of a college education through the eyes of an American Vet.

College Freshman

A young Marine returns home from the front lines determined to restart his life.

Bayonet Attack

Its about the Bayonet Attack

Legionnaire competes for Ms. Veteran America 2014

How I became a member of the greatest veterans' organization in the world and their support for me as I competed in the Ms. Veteran America 2014 competition.

Thanksgiving 2014

After reading an article about a Chinese farmer and His wife, both in their seventies, being thankful for a Bible and a home to live in, I started reflecting on how Thankful I actually had become myself. He made about $10 a month and tithed his income. They lived in a modest hut and carried an attitude of contentment and gratitude.

I Am An American Patriot

Below is a declaration that was part of a Memorial Day talk I gave at an American Legion Post. I would be honored to have it published if at any time it seemed appropriate. I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT

A young patriot

Ryan Paradis is a 11 year old boy who is a true patriot. The past two years he has donated a portion of his 4-H earnings to the local veteran groups.

Silent Stories

A call for us all to welcome our soldiers home with open arms and grateful hearts and to provide each with the compassionate support they need to begin their lives anew.

So Others May Live

At the end of a two year commitment on his last combat flight a crew chief's Dustoff helicopter is shot down by a mortar while attempting to pick up wounded in Vietnam.

"So Others May Live"

A Vietnam Dustoff Crew-chief recalls his last combat mission when his helicopter is struck by a mortar while attempting to land in the dead of the night to pick up a wounded solider.

A Nation Honors WWII Heroes

In Long Overdue Recognition

Dalton Vets honored for 60 years of Legion service

Dalton Veterans Russell Freeburg, Ted Panas and Ray Ernest were honored for 60 continuous years of service to the American Legion, Mintken-Davison Post 301 during the 2014 Memorial Day service at Dalton Cemetery.

In Memory of Supreme Sacrifice for Country

"The Very Soul of a Nation is its Heroes"


"The very soul of a nation is its heroes"

The Commander~

I wrote this last week for my mother for Mother's day, yes she was a WWII veteran~and yes she did it her way!

Only Hope For Some

Ever wonder why the Veterans Administration has to many chiefs and not enough "True Veterans Who Care"? Our Veterans Services should be ashamed on how Veterans in Arizona are being treated in Phoenix and Tucson. Did you know that the American Legion Runs Phoenix Regional Ratings Office? Yet, American Legion Reps say their no part of them. I now have a 2 year journal of recorded conversations that will make you sick to your stomach.

Real Soliders Don't Cry

A Dustoff crew risked their helicopter and their lives to evacuate a dead man and solider who doesn't appear to be wounded from the thick jungles of Vietnam.

Do Xa Strike Mission 50 years ago

On April 27th 1964 Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron, assisted by gunships of the U.S. Army's Dragon Flight, 52nd Aviation Battalion, both out of Da Nang Vietnam attacked a VC Stronghold 15 miles west northwest of Quang Ngai, near the village of Do Xa. For the 'Purple Foxes' of HMM-364, Dragon Flight and ARVN Troops the mission proved anything but typical.

Viet Nam: The War That Wasn’t…But Now Is

The Viet Nam war was never officially declared. It was the war…that wasn’t. For those of us who were there, the war that wasn’t still lives within us. Little do we realize how the war that wasn’t, is firmly etched in our souls. In a sense, the future is not ours. It belongs to the war that wasn’t. The war that wasn’t, has a mysterious effect on every decision we make. For those of us who participated, the war...that wasn’ is. We are Viet Nam veterans.

Congressional Delay for WWII Tokyo Raiders

Let's not wait nearly 75 years to honor our veterans.

The too perfect sound

No eyes are wandering as I look upon the faces of mourners, all eyes fixed on the soldier saluting the folded flag held over his partner’s heart. An older, higher ranked man squares his shoulders as the two soldiers step again in synch toward him. The folded flag is placed in his hands; the two salute the flag in one matched motion. The older man’s steps are more comforting, unperfected, and quiet. Around me more sniffle, someone discreetly sobs.

Answered Prayer

A door gunner recalls a mission in the Plain of Reed flying an experimental mission called Firefly in 1968.

My experience flying in the Secret War in Laos

The Ravens were a secret group of elite U. S. Air Force pilots who flew in civilian clothes and unmarked aircraft to help save the neutral country of Laos from being taken over by the North Vietnam during the Vietnam Conflict. They were highly trained fighter pilots who flew as Forward Air Controllers (FAC) in the single engine, prop driven, slow moving Cessna 0-1 Bird Dog to direct fighter-bombers onto heavy defended targets and provide bomb damage.

WWII Tokyo Raiders Deserve Congressional Gold Medal

In celebrating our blessings, we should include the service and sacrifice bestowed to us by our veterans. All too often, acknowledgment for their commitment and valor is long-delayed or even denied. Such is the case for the WWII Tokyo Raiders.

The Core Standards of Veterans Day

The importance of Veterans Day in the lives of children today as seen through the eyes of one educator.

Taps for Reb Walt

I was unable to attend the stone setting for my friend Walter Wolf this past Sunday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "Walt, please accept these words in place of my absence."

In Tribute to Veterans

“We stand on the backs of their sacrifice. Their history is our tradition, as long as there are Americans to remember...”

In Tribute to Veterans

“We stand on the backs of their sacrifice. Their history is our tradition, as long as there are Americans to remember...”

SBP/DIC Offset

Is Congress doing it to Vets again?

Honor Flight Cleveland Provides Free Trips for Veterans to See Memorials in Their Honor

Iwo Jima Survivor Finally Sees Memorials Honoring His Service Courtesy of Honor Flight Cleveland

Take Advantage Men....

This is something every young athlete should read as they prepare for there experience @ the American Legion World Series....

Our Family Service

Five brothers who have served in the US Army. And our sister's husband was an Air Force retiree.

Why do we support those who damn us?


Vet saves his Grandsons life in a war that he had never been too

Have you ever sat and listened to your grandfather or and older War veteran as they told their story of wars from the Past. If you havent you may want to do so as it might save your life one day.

Honor your Heroes in grand style

Was your father or mother a Veteran? We want to honor them all. Read on and find out what we have planned for Memorial day!

My Love Affair with “Connie” USS Constellation CVA-64

This about the seven years I spent aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation CVA-64. It covers some fo the events dating from just after the big fire until 1959. It is about the daily routines telling of tragedy and some of the fun stuff that went on.

Ray Anderson's Eyewitness Account to World War II

His epic story of participating in five invasions in the Pacific during history's greatest conflict

Military Tinnitus Event - Salute to Silence Tinnitus

Hi, my name is Sal Gentile a Tinnitus suffer from Tampa, Florida and I am a Military Veteran and the American Tinnitus Association Lead Event Coordinator for “Salute to Silence Tinnitus”. I would like to tell my story.

The 40-year-old Medic Bag

After 40 years of being out of Vietnam, a medic is reunited with his medica bag and his past........

"9/11 I remember..."

The Preface is written by daughter, Rosa Maria Lopez: This story is about my Dad's personal experience of the tragic events of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center eleven years ago now. He wrote about the role of Jerome Dominguez, a NYC police officer of the Emergency Service Unit, truck #3, of the Bronx. And this is his story...

A student's view on the Marine Corps Ball

Honoring the Marine Corps Birthday is more to a Marine than just a celebration. It is an achievement. Thirteen weeks of back breaking training is something most of us will never get to experience. Marines are prepared to fight and die for this country and so this celebration is like there second birthday. Each Ball counts as another year of survival for the Marines and their loved ones. 237 years of tradition and commitment to this country, we are the land of the free because of the brave!


World War II Memorial - Honor Flight - Hero's - Train Ride - Greatest Generation - Nursing Careers All of the above phrases have prompted me to share an experience which has shaped and touched the lives of many.

Everett Smith served with the 187th regiment, 11th Airborne Division during the Second World War. With time and age his scrapbook (kept by his mother) began to become damaged. Here in this blog are photographs, his letters and thoughts are included with a background of the entire unit's experience. I would be honored to have this included in your records, for I am the last of his bloodline.


How fine might the world have been but for ungodly war? The privileged of Freedom exacts a price; from the ardent brave, the supreme sacrifice, and yet, all is not loss, although most high-tagged are the priceless gifts our soldiers give, the ultimate sacrifices they have made, and are likely, by the Grace of God, to courageously offer in the future, as Freedom and the love of Freedom are not the ways of this sometimes, in some places, somewhat dismal world in all its dissension and discord...

Fire at the MGM Grand November 1980

On a cold November morning the MGM Grand on the Las Vagas strip was on fire. The 302nd Special Operations Squadron out of Phoenix, Arizona was on a TDY at Nellis AFB, just north of Las Vagas. The 302nd responded with three HH-3E heavy lift helicopters to assist local first responders with rescue and transport efforts. I was the Flight Engineer on Pony 01 the first helicopter to arrive.

The Military Working Dog 70 Years of Praise

There is a bill in the Senate called, “Canine Members of the Armed Services Act (S.2134), which is intended to reclassify MWDs as canine members of the armed forces, instead of being classified as ‘equipment’. It seems to be stalled in Congress (the House of Representatives has a companion bill processing). I urge every member of the American Legion to contact their representatives in Washington and ask them to support these bills.

The Kiwi bird story

The story of the Kiwi loosing it's ability to fly, in comparison to the Army and the other three branches.

461st Ordinance Ammunition Company, Wonju Korea 1951/52

My personal experiences in Wonju, Korea 1951/52

Remembering The Forgotten Vet's

We are now after an unacceptable period of time bringing the recognition of the Vietnam Veteran to the American people for the recognition that was shamefully denied them. I watched with pride the recent awarding of the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam War hero that somehow "fell through the crack". I commend the individual who discovered this oversight and pursued with vigor to right a wrong for a Screaming Eagle Army hero. The stigma of this regrettable War may be finally over.

A hole on the Hoel

USS HOEL DDG13 69/70 WESTPAC On a hot, eternal Summer’s day at the equator during the USS Hoel’s 5th Westpac cruise, the forward fire room lost power. Emergency measures had to be used to avoid an explosion in the fire room.

Wayne T. "The Bombdog" Bernhardt

"They honored Wayne with a Fallen Soldier ceremony. Soldiers lined both sides of the C-130 with the casket bearers solemnly marching Wayne to the aircraft. The soldiers all saluted Wayne as he passed and a prayer was said for him."

Two Choices

How I joined the service.


Standing on the shore-line we watched a cruise ship heading home. The American flag waiving briskly in the wind with the ships band playing our National Anthem. We cried as we also wished to go home, The place was Venice, Italy and we were on leave of absence from The U.S. Army in Germany sight seeing Europe but no other sight could remove the thoughts of going home,for that we had to wait.

American Legion Post #140 Family

Wonderful things around the Community.

Souderton Legion Burger Day

Homemade cheeseburgers help warm the hearts of those who serve this country!

Pearl Harbor Rememberance day

With Pearl Harbor Remembrance day fast approaching, I'd like to remind everyone to ready your busy schedule and prepare to lower your flag(s) to honor the soldiers that gave their life to protect the freedom we hold so dear in this country

Navy Retiree's Restore Vintage Bomber

An abandoned Douglas A-3D Skywarrior restored from airport eyesore to airport beauty

Why I Fight: A common soldier's take on war

“Epic Words” of a warrior.