Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle was a lot of things to a lot of people: Navy SEAL, legendary U.S. military sniper, decorated veteran of the Iraq war, beloved husband and father.

Yet of everything that can be said about Chris, the word that stands out most is one he would never have used to describe himself: hero. Not in the sense of a man who rushed into a hail of bullets to rescue others (he did). Not in the sense that his wife and children understand (no one will ever know that depth of Chris).

Chris Kyle is a hero because in every interaction he had with a person, it was clear that he had an unwavering faith. And he truly cared for and valued everyone he ever met.

There was no pretense, no “personality,” to Chris Kyle. There was only the person – genuine, faithful, real. He had a sense of security and self-assuredness that are only found in a deep faith in Jesus Christ.

And for that, we can all say, “Thank you, Chris Kyle.”

Ed Young, senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, and author of “The Creative Leader”

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