Youth Programs

This booklet states American Legion policy and procedure for volunteers who work with young people, including background checks and forms for reporting possible violations.


Policies, screening and background checking criteria and steps, and reporting procedures for volunteers in the American Legion Baseball programs, senior and junior level.

Junior Shooting Sports

Background check requirements, policies, signs of abuse or neglect and other information/guidance for American Legion Junior Shooting Sports volunteers can be found in this guide.

Boys State Guidelines

This guidebook defines the American Legion Boys State program, provides the structure for a mock government, arrangement of offices, qualifications, special features and more guidance about how to operate a program.


Operation Comfort Warriors

This brochure provides information for American Legion posts, districts and departments about how they can help sick or wounded military personnel and qualified veterans get comfort items, recreational opportunities and other forms of relief not normally provided by government.

National Emergency Fund Preparation Guide

This brief, clear guide provides clear instruction about how an American Legion post can assist in the face of a natural disaster before, during and after it occurs, including information about how to apply for National Emergency Fund cash grants.

Temporary Financial Assistance

Military and certain veteran families with minor children at home may be eligible for American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance grants. This brochure explains eligibility criteria and provides guidance on the application process.


Oratorical Chairman’s Guide

This booklet lays out the process, rules, expectations, promotions, checklists, forms and best practices for a successful American Legion High School Oratorical Contest.

Oratorical Contest Rules

This rulebook contains the current-year assigned topic for contestants, judging criteria, score sheets, staging requirements and more for the American Legion High School Oratorical Contest.

Junior Baseball Rulebook (2022)

Rules of the game, eligibility requirements, equipment restrictions, recruitment guidance and more are contained in this annually updated rulebook.

Senior Baseball Rule Book (2022)

Rules of the game, eligibility requirements, equipment restrictions, recruitment guidance and more are contained in this annually updated rulebook.

Junior Shooting Sports

Learn how to start a club. 

Junior Shooting Sports Chairman's Guide

This guide has been developed to assist Junior Shooting Sports chairmen at all levels in organizing and understanding responsibilities for the Junior Shooting Sports Program, administered at either the post or department level as well as outside entities that wish to participate in The American Legion’s National Tournament.

Boys State

Suggested guidelines for the operation of an American Legion Boys State program.

Youth Cadet Law Enforcement

How to start a Youth Cadet program. 


Children & Youth Department Chairman's Guide

April is Children & Youth Month


Blood Donor Program

The American Legion’s long and successful blood-donation program is explained, along with the process for posts to compete for awards and recognition.

Access Granted Program

The American Legion can make arrangements to meet with active-duty personnel on military installations as long they understand the process and follow guidelines to deliver information helpful to those still serving and yet to separate from service.