Apr 15, 2024

The American Legion Media & Communications Contest wants to recognize the hard work Legion Family members do to promote the good of the organization across media channels. The contest provides an opportunity for all Legion Family members – American Legion, Sons of The American Legion, Auxiliary and Legion Riders – to submit their work and be recognized. Ready to enter the Media & Communications Contest? Visit legion.org/media/contest to get started.

Deadline for contest submissions is April 15. 

The Media & Communications Contest has seven categories for submissions: websites, publications, visual media, social media campaigns, editorial/news writing, editorial/informational writing and public relations/community outreach. There is a $5 fee per entry submission.

Please note: all entries must have been published during the 2023 calendar year.

Award plaques will be given to division winners in each category. And two additional awards will be presented – Innovation Award and Chairman’s Award. Winners of these two awards will receive a plaque and $50 Emblem Sales credit.