SE5-EP198 Tango Alpha Lima: Lead the Way Recovery founder Dr. Marshall Bahr

TROLL PATROL Stacy and Ashley shed light on another social media mistruth and reveal that foreign-born veterans who served in the U.S. military are indeed eligible for membership in The American Legion. O CHAT THIRTY Former Army Ranger medic Marshall Bahr is a physician is the founder of Lead The Way Recovery, an Ohio-based addiction treatment program for veterans. Bahr shares the story of his own struggles with addiction and PTSD, which makes his endeavor to provide hope to fellow veterans a deeply personal mission. SCUTTLEBUTT Art Imitates Life: CIA secret Stargate program is the subject of David Morehouse's new book, “Psychic Warrior” ⁠ Life Imitates Art: Air Force Times shares a list of Hollywood movie tech that DoD should consider developing Bob Ross and the pros and cons of a signature hairstyle SHOW NOTES




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