SE5 Tango Alpha Lima Trailblazing Women Veterans: The Angels of Anzio

In this special series we celebrate Women's History Month and honor the service of women veterans and their contributions to American military history. In this episode, we honor the "Angels of Anzio," four courageous nurses of World War II who received the Silver Star for their gallantry in combat. The stories of Mary Roberts, Elaine Roe, Virginia Rourke, and Ellen Ainsworth is one of exceptional courage and resilience as they saved countless lives during the chaos of a relentless battle. We also recognize the contributions of other women who emerged as trailblazers as a new century of warfare brought new roles for women SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR Esther Hasson Anita Newcomb McGee Jane Delano WORLD WAR I The "Hello Girls" Opha May Johnson Helen Purviance Loretta Perfectus Walsh WORLD WAR II Elaine Harmon Jacqueline Cochran Nancy Harkness Love Cornelia Fort Ruth Streeter Lt. Col. Charity Adams Earley TRAILBLAZING WOMEN VETERANS EP1 - Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: TRAILBLAZING WOMEN VETERANS EP3 - Col. Allison Black: TRAILBLAZING WOMEN VETERANS EP4 - Shoshana Johnson: SHOW NOTES

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