Harvey Samuel Miller, Jr

Our Dad was in World War II, stationed in Norfolk, England. He did basic training in Florida and his mother, Annie Myers Miller was quite ill. The family called him home thinking the end was near and he was able to visit with her. Several months later, she died and he asked for assistance from the Red Cross to return for the funeral. The Red Cross refused saying he had just been home several months earlier. He checked with the Salvation Army near Miami and was immediately on a bus home for his blessed mother's funeral. He was her favorite son.

He was sent to England on the Queen Mary and spent four years on the continent. He drove Jeeps for generals and participated in the blackouts in London. He and our Mother, Betty Jane Grove, had met before he was called for Army duty. He left a job as a fireman on the railroad, working with his father who was an engineer on the Pennsylvania Railroad. He wrote letters to our Mother and they had a special marriage from April 18, 1946, until his death from lung cancer (related to the fumes he breathed as a fireman on wood and coal engines and as an engineer on the diesel engines after his return from his military service) due to the Camel cigarettes he had begun smoking when he was very young, before we were aware of the risk. He was 58 when he died March 20, 1982. He lived his entire life in Chambersburg, Pa. He had traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, to visit his son, Gary in 1967. The three of them, Gary, Dad and Mother had a wonderful visit and celebrated Octoberfest.

We celebrate his life, his sense of humor, ability to talk with anyone, singing, his care for his family and his honor of his wife. He instilled many memories/training and shared his life with us fully.

We are proud to honor his memory,

Betty G. Miller, Gary L. Miller and Shirley Miller Henry
Chambersburg Joshua, Texas Dallas, Texas
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