Bob Adams, Post 560, Houston

My best friend and former Army Ranger Bob Adams passed away the morning of March 12 at home, ending his great suffering from his battle with cancer. He will be sorely missed by me and all who knew him. He was a hero in every sense of the word with three Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars for valor. He was very proud of the fact that he brought all his men back home. Bob served in the Rep. of Vietnam from 1972-1973 when all our troops knew the war was lost. His unit did their duty operating along the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos and Cambodia. Bob's body was covered with scars from wounds received during that conflict. Bob made a promise to God that if he got out alive he would work to make the world a better place. After returning home he received his history degree from UT and became a teacher in the Alief school district teaching at-risk kids for 20 years. His career was cut short when one of the at-risk "kids" attacked Bob from behind and fractured his back.

One story I love about Bob: when he returned from Vietnam, he was at the airline counter in San Francisco filling out the paperwork to continue his flight home. As he was bent over the counter, he noticed a gray-haired lady approaching out of the corner of his eye who he knew was going to be a problem. When she was sufficiently close she shouted, "Soldier, how many babies did you kill in Vietnam?" Without looking up he replied, "Babies none, little old ladies many." She scurried off with that reply. He shared this story at our last Marine Corps birthday celebration at the American Legion post where he served as photographer for the event.

Although Bob wasn't a former Marine, warriors respect warriors. We expressed our heartfelt feelings to him that he would have made one hell of a good Marine. He emotionally responded with how much being honored by a bunch of jarheads meant to him, particularly in view of his welcome-home in San Francisco. In closing, there is a quote I'd like to add. "Every man born of woman must die. Only those of us who are called to Glory can choose…when …where…and why." Rest in peace, my dear friend. You are missed.