Display the Legion’s 100 years of service

The American Legion’s “100 Years of Service” banner lists some of the organization’s accomplishments and contributions to America over the past century. The banner can be downloaded for posts to display at Centennial events to help tell The American Legion’s story.

A few American Legion highlights include:

  • 685,000 members join in the first eight months, 1919.
  • Raises $5 million in 1924 to aid disabled veterans and orphans.
  • Fights to create veterans administration, 1930.
  • Harry Truman is first Legionnaire as U.S. president, 1945.

Download the banner at www.legion.org/centennial in the Media Kits section.

Once downloaded, posts can contact their department adjutant about getting authorization for use of The American Legion emblem, then go through a vendor that makes retractable banners. Or, posts can contact American Legion Emblem Sales to customize it with the post’s information. Find out more about Emblem Sales Special Orders at  www.emblem.legion.org/special_orders.asp.