IV Cellular presents "Freedom Isn't Free"

Thank you for your interest in the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial in Marseilles, Illinois. (Please click 'Show More' to learn about donations) NOTE: This video was created for the Competitive Carriers Association's 'CCA Gives Back Campaign' to show DC lawmakers how regional wireless carriers are making a difference in their communities. We were not anticipating this video to gain attention outside of our CCA group. However, the response and donations to the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run and the Conflicts Wall has been amazing! http://competitivecarriers.org/ At Illinois Valley Cellular's corporate headquarters, we are reminded daily of the sacrifices made by young men, women and their families to ensure our freedom as Americans. Seeing this beautiful monument and greeting grieving loved ones, as well as making sure that items left behind are cared for, is the small way in which we participate in this incredible Memorial Wall. The Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run committee is a group of private citizens who had a dream to honor those who have sacrificed all in Middle East Conflicts. They raised the funds to erect the wall, as well as organize the annual motorcycle run on the 3rd Saturday in June every year. If you would like to make a donation, please contact these Amazing Americans. http://ilmotorcyclefreedomrun.org/viewpage.php?page_id=4 The Middle East Tribute Committee of Marseilles works hand in hand with the IMFR on wall upkeep, groundskeep, and helps with planning stages of the Freedom Run in June. A majority of the members of IMFR live outside of Marseilles, so having the Tribute Committee gives them feet on the ground near the wall. http://www.middleeastconflictswallmemorial.us/ Photos courtesy of: Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run (http://ilmotorcyclefreedomrun.org) Illinois Valley Cellular (http://ivcel.com) Middle East Conflicts Memorial Wall (https://www.facebook.com/MiddleEastConflictsWallMemorial) Videos courtesy of: Illinois Valley Cellular JumpCut Pictures (http://youtu.be/HVAFXI1ovpM) City of Arvada (http://youtu.be/QFxuUonmTTQ) FOX 42 YouTube User: Gear229 (http://youtube.com/gear229) Bagpipe "Amazing Grace" - performed by the US Air Force Band

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