VETS to launch new job training program

The Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) agency, a federal entity, will launch a 14-state pilot program aimed to help veterans find meaningful employment after separating from the service. VETS, which is maintained by the Department of Labor and the Chamber of Commerce, will expand on the Chamber's Hiring our Heroes initiative - a program that focuses on the employment of wounded, ill and injured veterans as they transition back into civilian life. VETS' new pilot program will educate employers on the value of hiring veterans and help connect employers with veteran talent.

The pilot will be officially announced and detailed at an Oct. 1 press conference. Further information regarding access to the program and states that will feature should follow in the weeks to come.


  1. In Indiana, the WorkOne (Economic Development Department) has had a VWIP Program to help out all veterans, with job training. I was able to get an AuthorizedDealer/Installer Certification for a manufacturer's wind turbine product. However, it only paid for the training portion. Everything else was on me (Airline, lodging, meals, transportation, etc...), not so great when you're unemployed with NO Unemployment Compensation being drawn. This program would be helpful, if it was able to supplement other programs, as well. Also make the eligibility to ALL Veterans. Most recently discharged vets around here are only concerned with a can in their hand, so to speak. Give the money to folks that have a desire / determination / dedication to achieve a goal / objective upon a positive notion. Not somewhat of a mediocre value.
  2. what are the 14 states that are doing the pilot program I live in montana and wonder if this is one of the states.
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