Legion disappointed with 1-percent military pay cap

The American Legion’s new national commander, Michael D. Helm, took issue with President Barack Obama’s support for a 1-percent pay raise in 2015 for members of the armed forces.

Elected for a one-year term during the Legion’s 96th Annual National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., last month, Helm expressed disappointment over the paltry pay increase.

“With a war in Afghanistan, boots back on the ground in Iraq, and ISIS on the loose in the Middle East, is a 1-percent salary raise really the best we can do for the men and women we expect to meet those challenges?” Helm asked.

According to data released Aug. 19 by the federal government, the country’s inflation rate has stood at 2 percent for the past 12 months. While the White House wants to cap the military’s basic pay increase at 1 percent, Congress could appropriate a larger increase, Helm said.

“We are well aware of the budgetary constraints our government is operating under,” Helm said. “We are also aware of the fact that America’s servicemembers received only a 1-percent increase last year – the lowest since the all-volunteer force was created.

“The American Legion wants the White House and Congress to agree on a pay raise for our troops that keeps up with the inflation rate – that means 2 percent. It is the least we can do, even in these trying fiscal times, to maintain a decent quality of life for our servicemembers.”

New data on the country’s inflation rate is scheduled to be released by the federal government on Sept. 17.


  1. Seems to me our new Commander is trying to keep himself in the news. I'm all for increasing Military Pay - and would love it if it were to be more than the 1% being proposed. It's interesting however that the CDR Helms is so quick to point to Pres. Obama on this issue. If people were willing to look at the facts, Pres Obama has been able to increase support of the Military in just about every arena and support for the Veterans Administration has greatly increased over the last 6 years - in spite of those on the extreme right referring to VA Benefits and Military retirements as Government Welfare. I'm an Independent voter, white and retiring with over 24 years service. I too, am finding it more and more difficult to be a part of the Legion, as it seems to me the Legion has completely given over to the dark side of politics. It's hard for me to believe that so many Veterans are unwilling to understand how their disrespect for our Commander in Chief, their willingness to spread completely bogus accusations (birther issues, National Anthem, Obamacare myths)and their loyalty to political party over our nation is playing right into the hands of our nations enemies. A house divided will fall. Anyone who has actually served in Afghanistan will understand how ignorance plays such a huge roll in creating insurgencies. How ironic that the American Legion has a "counter subversive" program, but can't see how being a tool for the extreme right wing is subversive in nature.
  2. The Commander of the American Legion has every right to make his comments. Our current President never wore a Cub Scout Uniform and has shown disrespect to our Armed Forces in many ways, all the way down to not knowing how to Salute. Our President has no Military background and has never made an appearance in the Middle East to give our Troops an atta boy for what they have done and are continuing to do for our Country and the world. The President has never been near any action involving weapons whether in a war zone or six blocks away from his Chicago home where shootings are common. The President has wasted more tax dollars on trips to Hawaii than any other in my generation. He has selected the wrong people for positions from running the VA to our Defense and costing our Country billions of unneccessary tax money. He pulled us out of Iraq and left millions of dollars of equipment that has been taken over by the enemy and our aircraft are destroying with missiles and bombs that aren't slowing the enemy. As far as I and many fellow Veterans are concerned, he needs to be removed because he is not nor will he ever be a Commander. The previous Commendant and current Commendant of the American Legion have every right to voice their concerns for us, the Service people, that voted for them to voice these concerns. I don't think much disrespect has been shown and if any has, well, golly darn gee wizz! A piddly raise to the Troops! The President needs to lower his wages in order to show respect for his Service people. He isn't the only one responsible for the mess, but given his position, I would think he would show more than a small amount of Caring and less amount on running away from his problems!
  3. I suggest that all of you that want to "quit" the Legion go get involved and change it to the way you want it instead of making nonsensical comments on a page that is designed to irritate you. Going to give up 40+ years membership? Give me a break! Get a real life people and go do some good.
  4. I agree with you SargeMO. I am a member, but not as active as I should be. A poor excuse of my work schedule keeps me from attending meetings, Jobs in this area are very limited and after many years of being treated poorly at Walmart made me quit. Being a member, active or not,is important and if you quit, nothing will get done. Its an easy way out for those who do.
  5. people who sit on their duffs and just complain need to get a life and start volunteering and seeing what our men and women have fought to give them their freedom and the life they enjoy and complain about .shut up or put up.the American legion is more than cheap drinks and pull tabs .its the support and heart of people trying to help.
  6. Any country that doesn't pay everyone in the military at least minimum wage should be ashamed of itself. We should never require our military members to be on foodstamps just to survive. A 1% pay raise when the real rate of inflation is around 10-12% is an insult to America's finest. Many military members are paid below the poverty level but are expected to lay their life on the line for the very people who do not want to pay a living wage. Many who work at WalMart or at fast food resturants are just military members working an extra job to make ends meet. Problem is that many times thay have excercises or deployments and don't have that second income anymore to help out. And to rub salt in their wounds, if they fall behind on their payments they can be discharged for Financial Irresponsbility. When was the last time you saw an active duty member eating their lunch out the trash (like a homeless person)? I have and it did not make me proud.
  7. Walmart treats Veterans like Mud. I put up with their mess for too long. Besides, they don't sell anything made in the USA and like many other merchants, I find it difficult to buy foreign made junk. I can't believe they allow the Base Exchange to sell foreign made products. I say they open up factories and let the Veterans show them how to run a Business! Disabled Veterans can do very well in that environment because they only need to be treated with Respect and Dignity. They don't want Pity. How difficult would it be to open factories run by Veterans?
  8. I too believe the military should be better paid. They should have pay that is equal to civilian government employees based on their duties and responsibilities. The President suggest a 1% raise ane congress can provide more than that. The revenue originates in the House of Representive. If you think that the Republican controlled House will provide more you need to wake up.
  9. I will be in the minority here but I believe the military has been overpaid for years. Look at the pay scale for an E-1. A lot more than the $78.00 I got paid in 1963. Nixon put in the all volunteer Army. During the mid 70s pay raises we're being given twice a year. Today's soldiers get their clothing, their keep, their medical care. Probably the biggest problem they face is where do I park my car because the all have one. Did you have a car when you were an E-1? I didn't. Let's look at this objectively not emotionally. I have been with the Legion off and on since 65. They are a little too conservative for me but I support them anyway. God bless America and God look out for the men and women who serve. I worked for VA on the benefits side for 32 years. I never met a vet I didn't like although I liked some better than others. I never let my personal feelings interfere with the way I treated anyone.
  10. I'm sure there are many who think the Military is overpaid, but those who think that way have obviously never worn a Uniform and been sent to places we have been. Freedom isn't Free! Food Stamps and Link are free to those who depend on the Military to keep them free. Unemployment is free as well! Maybe a resolve would be to not tax Military pay and Pensions, Federal and State, if they don't want to give us a piddly raise!
  11. I too made the $78 back in the 60s. However, back then very few non NCOs were married with a family and the draft provided the manpower. This Military is ALL volunteer and hell yes, they deserve just as much as some desk riding civilian and I include all you caring people in the VA. I say pay them their worth, provide housing, health and schooling for their children. Either do that or go back to a draft. See how many wars our esteemed pols and Cdr in Chiefs will be so willing to engage in, when their children are liable to do some of the fighting. I know too many E-4s and below who are hurting. I still see the pols come up with the money to buy everyone of no working leeches free phones and provide everything else. Our Military people deserve better. Period!
  12. Bongo, you must one of the idiots that voted for are so called Commander In Chief, Obama. He has no idea of what the Military Life is all about and neither do you.
  13. Based on the hatred I have been reading on this site it proves to me and reinforces my belief that this is simply another right wing group. Been a member for a quarter century but I'll find some other veterans organization to support. This is like listening to Fox news or bloated boy Rush.
  14. Don't leave Sander. The American Legion is not all the old white angray men you see rant on this site. Many of us join and volunteer for our fellow vets in spite of all these right-wing naysayers just worried about themselves. We simply don't have time to sit on this site each day as we are out there helping our Posts and our community. Some day soon our top leaders will figure out they are appeasing a shrinking crowd and want to reach out to a younger, more balanced and educated group of vets.
  16. Obama, forgot to mention that to send a few "Billions of $$$$$$$" to the countries that can't wait to see "America The Beautiful" go down.
  17. Is this your best Obama? And all of your "Yes Men???" Think of all of the Veterans next time your kids play in the park. I'd rather be a border jumper than a 20 year military veteran. They (illegal immigrants) get the "Red Carpet Treatment" while Americans are struggling to feed their families and pay "YOUR" taxes.
  18. BONGO....You are A trouble maker like your brother Obama.Why don't you answer Ronnie J in TN and tell everyone if you are a VETERAN or NOT.I myself don't think you are from some of the comments you've made.And if you are a Vet.I would bet You was Not Much of One.
  19. My service is none of YOUR business, just as YOUR service is none of my business. I'm not required nor will I answer any questions. I don't care what you think as much as you care about what I think.
  20. RONNIE J in TN ...I made that comment of 8000,000 veterans.in another section and I thought you were referring to me.If it was not directed toward me then I appoligize for my comment about you,However I spent 3 years in Vietnam,so I guess I qualify to be on this site.
  21. Maybe being a member of the Legion or VFW, which means a Military Service requirement! Being a whatever your are does't help!
  22. Ronnie J in TN....I was not complaining,I was merely stating a fact.However you are the type of person I THINK Just wants to be a smart asse.Like your democrate counterparts.Jackasse is the right sign and emblem for you.You probly was't born a human-two Bussards bumped asses and you were hatched
  24. True , and exactly. But I bet like the have done since everyone of them have been in. They won't do anything, except bitch that it's all the Presidents fault!
  25. Was just reading some of the comment,and you can really tell the Liberals From the Conservatives.The Liberals have A JACKASSE for Their Party and The conservatives have Elephant with a long memory.If you will also remember The Jackasse's have NEVER given any pay raise's unless they really had to.
  26. Them do doing Congress or your Bubba "W" just sent all to thier death with out a pay raise, and kept sending them until the didn't know who they where. Have you forgotten that? My just think I said all that and didn't even call ya a thing!
  27. 20 In one way to tell a liberal is they can't talk intelligently or write intelligently. Next time listen to any one of the staffers, press Secretary or State dept people with their "ums" and "uhs". Then read what you wrote and see if even you can decipher it.
  28. What professional degree do you hold that qualifies you to determine that I am an 'IDIOT'. Who are YOU to suspend the Constitutional right of free speech, by suggesting my comments be removed?
  29. I haven't checked yet and I will but We can be assured that the welfare and the illegals will get no cap
  30. And now... All of you are allowing this to put us apart and divide us at a time when we had all better start pulling together. United We Stand! Divided We're Up The Creek. And you know which creek I mean. There are 8 million Veterans in the US... Come together and we can do most anything. Bickering and calling names does nothing for us. Together we are a force to be reckoned with! And, 1% will not help any of us.
  31. We all know the problem. It is Washington D.C., it is both parties, it is a treasonous executive branch, Washington will NEVER fix Washington. We who took oaths to uphold the constitution are the ones who will have to fix this. We have a legal and right way to correct the problems in Washington. Our constitution gives us the way by using Article V to call for a convention of states to propose amendments to the Constitution. 34 state legislators can call for a Convention of states for the purpose of limiting the power, scope and jurisdiction of the federal government and to limit the terms of its officials. Any amendment from that convention then has to be ratified by 38 states. We can use this measure to drain the swamp around DC. Learn more , check out, conventionofstates DOT com, then join up, our fight is not over we have moved battlefields and traded in our rifles for keyboards...
  32. bongo like your comment. do not take this personal, but you are the worst kind of idiot. remember nothing personal.
  33. What professional degree do you hold that qualifies you to determine that I am an 'IDIOT'. Nothing personal.
  34. Don't need a degree in any field not diagnosing you, just stating that by the way you write you prove your lack of intelligence
  35. 1% percent. That makes sense. The idiots that occupy the White House think very little of us. I am actually disgusted that the Legion Leadership invited BO to speak at the National Convention on the 26th. I hope Mike Helm is a better leader than the previous Commander. We should never give a platform to a person that does not have the best interests of our Soldiers, Sailors and Airman in their heart.
  36. I hate hearing Legionnaires talk about not renewing their dues. With all the programs that we have for the children and youth of this nation, who else will teach the kids about patriotism and respect for our flag? As a member of the National Guard/Reserve Forces committee, I see all the resolutions that The American Legion is bringing forth to better the lives of our troops and their families. At the convention in Charlotte there were very many resolutions voted on, that will give our national staff a lot of ammo to go to the senators and representatives in Washington D.C.. Don't forget the Legacy Run and the millions of dollars that those Riders have made for the children whose parents have paid the ultimate price for this country. The Child Welfare Foundation, that has had several million dollars raised for other children in this great nation. I can become angry at times also, but when I look at all that we do, I calm down and get over it. If we as veterans don't band together to fight for benefits, who will?
  37. Looking at the comments on this site,it is obvious that the American Legion is just another arm of the Republican Party. The American Legion misrepresents itself as nonpolitical. This veteran will no longer support the American Legion.
  38. i am questioning my membership now after reading this shit for a blog. the president is a coward and he is dismantling our nation systematically starting with our armed forces.
  39. You can blame the idiot that was president before Obama came in,George W. Bush who nearly destroyed this whole country,with the worst depression since the big depression,but the rich friends of his didn't lose any money,the fake war that killed more than 4500 American Soldiers and wounded thousands more.After 9/11 he made sure he got all the Saudie Arabians out of this country before they could be questioned,when there was a no fly zone over the United States.Him and his father should be in jail or prison for what they think they got away with,his father and Reagan for the Iran Contra arms trade and jr. for the Iraq war that is still going on.
  40. I agree with you whole heartedly Bongo, I don't see Congerss even Ok'ing a 1 percent myself. They have done anything for years now.
  41. Get a life and stop living in the past. If you think Obama has done a sterling job as President, then you are part of the problem.
  42. Another Democrat ideolog preaching to his liberal choir. What has he done for his country lately.
  43. I’ve served in all the ranks from one stripe to eight and worked my way to Col in 38 years. I retired in 2004 when I turned 60. I never thought about how unfair my pay was and work two jobs. It wasn’t until I became an officer and saw my enlisted troops struggle to make ends meet I saw the lack of caring from a lot of people in the WH. My grading of President Barack Obama wouldn't be fair because I don’t know what’s in his heart. I only see and hear nothing I can support. I would gladly give up my 1% raise to see our E-1s to E-4s get 2%. I think Congress should think about giving up their raises for the good of the military.
  44. I like most of this, Jake. The lowest four ranks need the most financial support.
  45. I happen to agree....we may not know what's in a man's heart, however, we can get a pretty good picture by his deeds.....
  46. does it really matter, look at what is happening in DC, its called a cluster f#%k and I see no changes
  47. Vietnam 68-69 American Legion member over 40 years will not renew my membership again because the Legion leadership has became political and so one sided in its views. Just remember the last president was a draft dodger who's daddy got him in the National Guard and he wouldn't even attend the monthly meetings .
  48. Absolutely Ronnie, The last administration was sickening. I could leaf through pages of media BS and find enough pictures of GWB shaking the hands of Veterans to wallpaper my house. His other hand was picking their pockets. The current administration has produced several bills that direct billions to improving the VA, housing, employment, job training and education for Veterans. Obama contributed $250,000. of his own money to the Fisher House Foundation while GWB donated his 4 year old F-150 Ford pick-up truck to be sold at auction. If you don't know what Fisher House is, go google.
  49. Ronnie, What did you think you were fighting for? the right to hold bake sales on the corner street? You fought to preserve the way of life our founders created for us. Every jack A@ss that goes against this is a domestic enemy to be fought with the tools we have, civilly, with the rule of LAW...POLITICS .. If you are trying to sit on the fence YOU ARE PROBLEM. If you are for what passes as democrats today you are the enemy.
  50. What country does Bongo come from? It's one thing to critisize but when the only coment is "like your comment". I am surprised he was able to get in the service.
  51. This guy somehow gained access to the legion website and has never been in any service connected organization. In the old days we called this idiot a "peacenik" and put up with his idiocy during our return from Nam. This country has gone to hell and I'm sure our children will see it's demise!
  52. My service is none of YOUR business, just as YOUR service is none of my business. BONGO's country is the 'United States of America' and surprises happen all the time.
  53. I've read most of the comments. I respect freedom of speech. Let's not forget, the office of the POTUS comes with myriad challenges one of is fiscal responsibility. I'm not happy that we can only provide a 1% increase in pay for our brave and heroic military members. It also saddens me to see the contempt that some show for our legionnaire brothers who so valiantly lobby for the betterment of all military and their families. If you want change, step up to the challenge of office. Be heard in a forum that is more than the Internet. It is easy to complain and condemn than it is to get the facts and understand the big picture. Respectfully submitted.
  54. One of the problems is trying to call every service member a "Heroic" member. They chose this as an occupation. When i was in the infantry we though the cooks and clerks were the lowest form of soldier. They worked 9-5 and then got laid by their hooch girl or stoned or both. We went back into the mountains. People in the military are not all heroes or even brave. They just chose to take that job vs. some other job. What is a fact is that a 1% raise is about .8% less than their civilian counterparts raises were. And the proposed 1% covers government workers as well as the military.
  55. My first reading of this section is interesting, especially if we can get past this Bongo dude. I think our President is in over his head and doesn't know what to do and when. Unfortunately we have 2 more years of this. HE HAS EXCELLED AS A POP STAR IN RAISING MONEY FOR THE DEM'S BUT HAS FAILED AT EVERYTHING ELSE. IF HE CAN'T TALK HIS WAY OUT, HE IS LOST, SO OUR ONLY CHANCE IS IN THE VOTERS THIS FALL AND MAYBE THERE ARE ENOUGH CLEAR THINKERS LEFT TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY FOR THE BETTER. I'm still proud to be a veteran and a member of the Legion.
  56. It seems that everyone quickly forgets that Obama was one of the few who pushed through the GI Bill for Iraq and Afghan vets. Buh and McCain were opposed to this because, McCain said, too many soldiers would quit. The GI Bill was a fantastic benefit for me when i returned from VN in 1969. I had Vocational Rehab which was even better than the regular GI benefits. A pay increase of 1% is certainly paltry but considering what most workers at Wal Mart are getting, zero, it isn't that bad. I just heard that an inmate at Guantanamo costs about $3 million/year. And the facility needs about $200 million in repairs. But our courageous house majority has made it nearly impossible to close. Maybe that money could have gone to pay the military better? Maybe it is time to stop blaming Obama or Bush and point our fingers at the Congress.
  57. Mike. I take exception to you comparing Walmart workers to our brave men and women in the armed forces. I expect more from a fellow veteran.
  58. Military members chose that job just like the Wal Mart person chose theirs. It wasn't bravery or a commitment to some ideal. If you were in the service you know this as well as I do. The civilian population might buy that stuff but not those of us who were there.
  59. Thanks to the "REPO" righthouse republicans, nothing will be done. The masters od ununited we stand will prevent anythings presented by the prez.
  60. Billy. It goes both ways. Both parties have contributed to the dysfunctional congress. Both parties share in the deadlock.
  61. It's hard to get past the BONGO dude. Two more years and eight more to follow. Legion membership is immaterial.
  62. POTUS was a joke during the Jimmy Carter era but my comrades this guy we have now is so inempt and hostile to our armed forces we should pay attention to Tom Albert's charges. He,and people who surrounds him,to include VP bite-me, do not have the best of intentions for this great country. Their social agenda is far more important any foreign threat to this country or citizens
  63. Let me see if the CEO of Any company can (or will) survive on this. This redefines Insult !!!!
  64. I can't believe some of the comments the American Legion allows to be published about our Commander in Chief. The obvious bias make me want to cancel my membership. I wasn't fond of the last administration using our human treasure to fight a war that was not necessary in Iraq and costing trillions of dollars but I always respected the office and POTUS.
  65. You swore an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, if you can't see the Treason that has gone on in the white house, you need to get your eye's checked. The man-child does not respect us, why on God's green earth would I give him one second of any respect.
  66. I agree with you. We all have our own issues, but through it all I always respected our leaders and held my personal counsel to myself. I spent 25 years in the AF and another 20 in state government and I was not happy going off to fight wars or put people in prison - but I always held my country and its leadership in high regard. The Legion should curb disrespectful language and profanity.
  67. SMGgt, I agree about keeping our disdain for a president personal and not air the "dirty laundry", however, I can say that I don't support his policies...there were some that Bush signed that I didn't agree with either, but that was then. Presidents are men too. But one thing I have learned about respect is that it's earned, not given...that's the only thing I had a little trouble with when I served in the Army. Yet, I kept my lack of respect for another to myself and completed the mission. Our mission here is to work together for all veterans. We can't afford to leave any behind as our government seem to do....
  68. I can't believe you are backing the man because he is sure not there for you and never has been open your eyes not your mouth. If you don't like the Legion then I suggest you do cancel your membership. Remember freedom of speech.
  69. That 1% is sure to be rejected by the re pubs, who will push it to maybe to 3%, which is just what the Prez wanted. Great marketing skills Mr. Prez. Thanks. We fully support you!!
  70. If it does go to 3% they will find a way to screw some other disadvantaged segment of society. It certainly won't come out of thee 1% who, for the most part, wear a flag pin in their lapel while turning their backs on the vets.
  71. Freedom of speech is not practiced by the Legion. Let the Legion bring charges against those that disagree with its politics.
  72. I dropped my membership in the American Legion because the heads of the organization are nothing but small time politicians who go with the flow and never put up a fight! Hit any organization in the wallet hard enough and the get up off their collective A...., or the organization fades away.
  73. The Legion never should have invited this man to the National Convention. He has not earned the respect of Legion members or any other veterans.
  74. I so agree Dennis. Another slap in the face 1% raise. Is that all our fighting men and women are worth ????
  75. ....and make SURE that you stand at "attention" while you stand in the rain, holding the Putter-In-Chief's umbrella!
  76. You invite him to the convention - stand and clap and cheer for him - treat him with respect and then act like it's a surprise that he is sticking it to the military. He's been doing it for 6 years - He spits in our faces and you say "thank you". That Muslim bast--d is laughing at us all the way to our country's destruction!!! USAFSS 20351 1/62 - 1/66
  77. Ray, thank you, his acts of treason will never be punished, he has the blood of thousands on his hands including our brothers in the legion.
  78. Ray Duke, You should return what ever monies to our taxpayers from which you received. Your insults are shamful. This is why people like yourself endanger the lives of our service men and women serving in the desert. If you have no respect for your Leaders, why should they have respect for you !
  79. Bongo. Do you have a "Like your comment" on your computer. Bongo. For the record. Are you a Veteran. Just curious from your comments.
  80. You might like to know what I have on my computer, but fortunately, laws insure the contents remain private as it hasn't yet been ruled to be any of your business. Your need to know about my service is none of YOUR business, just as YOUR service is none of my business.
  81. We have an inept and incompetent socialist POTUS who despises our history and culture. His actions reflect his true feelings toward the military. Sad!
  82. With the current White House and staff, we should be more than happy that they have not reduced our pay. I have come not to expect too much from our government.
  83. I have served my country as a Marine,and I have never questioned the actions of our commander in chief,but to say the least this an insult to all members of our armed forces. Men and women who are in harms way,protecting our interest all around the world; This is the thanks we get,from a government whose only interest is to make sure that all people connected in running this country are well paid. The U.S. government did the same thing to its senior citizens social security benefits, all we got for the cost of living was just 1% increase. I wander if all the policticians could very well live on just 1% increase in pay, for a whole year?
  84. The bottom line is that the military has always been grossly underpaid. My wife and I were on food stamps while serving. The hassles and indignant people at the Oakland welfare office caused us to let the food stamps go. When congress approves a huge pay raise for themselves and then get a 1% for the military is an insult for anyone willing to walk into harms way. Those who are defending this lunacy, from what I have seen over the years are Air Force personnel who are always in the rear with the gear and have never been anywhere close to combat. Go back and look at history to see who cares for the military.
  87. The 1% pay cap is not nearly as disappointing as the performance of the President.
  88. It amazes and saddened me, to read so many disrespectful comments about our Commander and Chief. Please, try to remember Congress has the power to add a percentage to the proposed raise. The POTUS does not work alone!
  89. J. You are right Potus is a P O S but so is congress. We are the only group of citizens that this government owes anything to and we are the one group that consistently gets the shaft. Why? Because they already know we are willing to sacrifice. So they offer an increase of 1% when real inflation is 9%, they steal 8% from us and still there are some useful idiots who do not recognize the truth. We have two groups of statists ruling us now Democrats that are big T Traitors and Republicans that are little t traitors....wise up vote them all out
  90. So you think that 2% is enough? My wife and I are on a fixed income, just our grocery bill alone has raised 10-12% since the first of the year.
  91. You got to be serious, it's Commander IN Chief. I'd say he works alone with 300 or better E.O's. (Executive Orders) that DON'T go before Congress. I don't understand why he hasn't been impeached.
  92. The American people are quickly loosing the ability to fight big government. Our leadership in this country leaves much to be desired. But, that is not the fault of the president, we elected him didn't we?
  93. Keep in mind him and Hagel are laying the folks off. I suspect making room for illegals but can't prove that.
  94. Nothing has changed since I was stationed at Offutt AFB in 1973. I was on food stamps and FHA 235 or 237?? govt. subsidized project housing and got orders for 1 year unaccompanied tour at Johnston Island. I had to move my wife and kids back to Pittsburgh to live with her widowed father.
  95. BONGO I am beginning to think you are pretty much a jerk off. Your comment was hurtful and disrespectful to say the least.
  96. I don't care what YOU think, as no one cares what I think. Everyone has just got to deal with disappointment.
  97. Making comments about a persons heritage is unlawful. Your comment shows much support for lawful behavior.
  98. I read all these comments upset about what Obama did or did not do.......and??? What is the plan? What is the approach we are going to take to address it? If nothing more than a whining rant.....save it. I grow tired of hearing all the whining and yet none are prepared to actively do anything more than complain on the internet. The Legion was supposed to be "our voice" in Washington. Apparently that voice either has grown soft or carries little to no influence. Cancel.
  99. Allow me to elaborate......how many of us are willing to take the time to march and be heard in DC? How many are willing to actually go to their local representatives office and/or develop a petition for circulation? Or...are we complacent to type online and send emails around? I look to the Legion to take a lead in organizing these events so that vets may be seen AND heard.
  100. I'll take that march with you, because all they do is lie to us including the va. They'll lie about anything to keep you from receiving tha benefits your entitle too. We'll do everything for the those that cross our borders Heath housing food stamps what's wrong with this picture.
  101. If the President and his Family took less vacations it may help considerably in raising our men and woman's pay. Being the Commander in Chief I wonder what his pay raise was??? Cut down the useless spending of the federal govt.and 2% would be a breeze.
  102. He's actually take ONE-THIRD the days that GWB took. Were you also dissatisfied with him?
  103. Yes he has taken less and they have however been at more inappropriate times. Such as going golfing 10 minutes after discussing the beheading of an american journalist. He is an embarrassment to the office of President. No president in History has shown more disrespect for our soldiers and their families. Also no respect for the deaths of Americans while doing their jobs overseas. Shame on him and his gang of liberal weenies. God bless the next president who has to follow in his footsteps!!
  104. The point about vacations between Bush and Obama is the cost as Bush went to his ranch that was set up as the Southern White House. If everyone would research sources [I find foreign papers a great source] other than MSM both Democrats and Republicans are saying Obama is too detached and doesn't work with the House or Senate. That aloofness and the separate travels to vacation site is what causes most of the concern about Obama's vacations. The reality is even with no vacation it wouldn't even give military people a $2 raise. For too long military pay has been poor, at least enlisted pay. Getting rid of so many duplicate federal programs IE over 130 different programs for the poor, we would be able to give the military a significant pay increase. The poor would be better off having one place to get benefits. There are many other programs that are duplicates should be eliminated.
  105. Stop listening to the propaganda machine. This POTUS has taken half the vacations of the last.
  106. He talks a minimum wage hike? Divide a combat soldiers pay by a 24/7 job for three tours. You screw us retirees, that's one thing. You screw active duty soldiers during multiple deployments, that's unforgiveable.
  107. When i was drafted in 1967 my pay was something like $69/month. In VN I think I got and extra $60/month for hostile duty pay. The screwing of deployed soldiers is nothing new and those that enlist know perfectly well where the historical pay has been. Then they made the choice to enlist.
  108. It does need to be a lot more and the target should be our service men and women who actually need it, lower enlisted grades!
  109. Actually there was no pay-raise in 1986. There was a 3% increase only on paper to affect the 1987 pay-raise but no extra money in our pockets. Let's face it, until there is time when more Veterans serve in the Legislature and more than 1% of the nation's men and women chose to wear the nation's cloth, we are going to have to face the whim of Congress to see when or if we get the deserved pay raises.
  110. Obama wants "a living wage" for fast food workers amount to a 50% hourly increase, but only 1% total increase in pay for the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country
  111. With real inflation running anywhere near 8 to 10% this is more stealing from the one and only group this country owes a single dime to. As for Edwin C. KING,COL. USMC RET, The president is recommending this paltry 1% not congress. The problem is not taxes, the problem is paying for things congress has NO constitutional authority to do. Instead of drinking the Democrat cool aid Col. Why don't you find a local tea party and check them out first hand. Don't just peek in, take a couple of meetings and educate yourself about what they stand for and see for yourself what is going on.
  112. Scott...actually the Constitution does require ALL fiscal matters to start in the House of Representatives. I also agree with the Colonel. The Tea Party put a great divide in the political climate in this country and now the chickens have come to roost. Bottom line is the average American is paying less income tax today than the did in the 90s, yet the cost of doing business continues to climb.
  113. Do not think for a minute that I am letting congress off the hook either. This is not the fault of the tea party this is the fault of Washington. The tea party divided nothing, the tea party is exposing the statist from both parties . Either you do not understand this in which case I encourage you to come up to speed with the rest of us patriots, or you are part of the problem.
  114. It is a shame that the Commander and about seventy per cent of the members of the ASL vote to elect non veterans from the Tea Party who will not raise a tax to fight a fire in their mothers' home. They vote "lock-step" for these people and then very incorrectly blame the President. It would be nice if the Legion did a better job electing its leaders. I'm wondering if a nice dinner would not be better for me than my membership. U know several friends who feel the same way. Thde AL may be on its way out.
  115. The American Legion National staff does NOT tell its members how to vote. You must be thinking of some other organization. We are NON-political in nature. By the way, it is the American Legion that is getting the Veterans Administration back on course. I am surprised that a retired Colonel would feel that way about your membership. Apparently you are not an active participant
  116. Au Contrare! It likes to boast that it is, but in actuality, it's the most politiczed of all Veterans Organizations.
  117. As a former FMF Corpsman I think you need your head examined for this rant! The President has no respect for the military and never will. I am very sure that the congress will not let a 1% pay cap stand. As far as non veterans are concerned, I strongly feel that only a veteran should be allowed to run for president!
  118. The percent of Congress and the senate with military experience has dropped from roughly 70% in 1965 to 20% today. And I am sure that trend will continue. I can't find data on the percent with net worth in excess of a couple million but I am sure it is inverse to their military service.
  119. Oh!!! Now you have stooped low enough to use direct unprofessional language. My opinions have not done so.
  120. Let me correct myself. Thank you ANUS for your unprofessional opinion! Is that professional enough for you?
  121. you are a rectum have your picture and doing a lot of checking with friends that can find people by there pictures and other ways to find out who you really are
  122. Well, how did an Alien get into the Presidency, that's in the Constitution too.. You "like this comment" also ??
  123. The President is NOT an alien, but duly elected by the populace - no hanging chads - and certified by the authorities to to serve and no legal action has occured to the contrary. The 'CONSTITUTION' has prevailed and I'm thrilled about it.
  124. you're an idiot - he's not a NATURAL born citizen, that's an Alien - not something from MARS..........Sheesh why don't you get a job
  125. What professional degree do you hold that qualifies you to determine that I am an 'IDIOT'. HE was born in the great state of Hawaii, part of the United States of America. My employment status is none of your business, just as your employment status is none of my business.
  126. Born in Hawaii huh. Don't need any degree, you qualify yourself just by opening your mouth. Hey ! I have some waterfront property in Arizona I can sell you cheap.....
  127. When active duty personnel are having to draw food stamps to survive, there is something evil about this pay raise. It is an insult to every service member who is putting their lives on the line to protect the greedy slugs who suggested it, support it and will vote to put into to log. They should be ashamed but they are not because they are making much more and they just don't care.
  128. As a veteran, hell yes it needs to be more than 1%!! Especially with events all around us!!
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