National Commander Jimmie Foster at the American Legion National Convention in Milwaukee. Photo by Tom Strattman

Foster to address Congress

Newly elected American Legion National Commander Jimmie Foster is expected to cover a wide range of issues while addressing a joint session of the U.S. House and Senate Veterans' Affairs committees Wednesday morning.

Foster is scheduled to testify at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the House Veterans' Affairs Committee caucus room in the Cannon House Office Building. He is expected to speak on a wide range of issues, including employment opportunities for veterans, homelessness among the veteran population, increased access to VA health care and enhanced educational opportunities for servicemembers leaving the military.

Foster also is expected to address the VA benefits claims backlog. For complete coverage of Foster's testimony, check back at Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Commander Foster, In this month's Legion Magazine I have noted the consensus dissatisfaction expressed by several Legion members for the current federal & state hiring of veterans. Sadly, our veterans employment preference system as it exists today is a national disgrace. Given the high number of honorably discharged, yet still unemployed veterans in this country, there should be no excuse for not giving all of these brave men and women "head-of-the-line hiring preferences" over any and all non veterans. There should also be penalties for any government hiring authority who might try to do otherwise. In short, we the Legion should always advocate for the legally binding concept of always hiring the veteran first and everyone else, second. Unlike other legislative programs now pushed by the Legion, this initiative will not cost taxpayers a single dime. Please make this the Legion's legislative priority over the next few years. There is nothing more important. PFG
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