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Criteria in place for hosting convention

Criteria in place for hosting convention
Indianapolis is the host city for the 2012 National Convention. Photo courtesy Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association

Each year The American Legion national convention takes place in a different city. And those cities undergo a detailed process in order to secure their selection as a host city.

Convention cities are selected through a variety of criteria including, but not limited to, the availability and price of hotel rooms, meeting space, city services, and the needs of the national organization and departments. Bids are accepted from cities wishing to host the convention.

For information on how to host one, please contact:

Dick Holmes, Director
(317) 630-1292
(317) 630-1397 (fax)
Contact Dick Holmes

Bridget Robinson, Deputy Director
(317) 630-1313
(317) 630-1397 (fax)
Contact Bridget Robinson

Andrea Watson, Convention Coordinator
(317) 630-1318
(317) 630-1397 (fax)
Contact Andrea Watson

For a listing of future convention host cities, click here.

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