Obama to speak at Legion national convention

President Barack Obama will address The American Legion on Aug. 26 at the organization's 96th National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. His speech, along with the rest of the general session, will be streamed live start at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at www.legiontv.org. Obama is expected to address the convention at approximately 11:40 a.m.

"The American Legion is honored that the nation's commander-in-chief will address those of us who have served in uniform," National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger said. "With so many important issues ranging from the state of VA health care to the Global War on Terrorism, it is vitally important that The American Legion hear from our national leaders. In addition to the president, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Va.), VA Secretary Robert McDonald, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Rep. Jeff Miller ((R-Fla.), Oliver North, Montel Williams and many other distinguished guests will be addressing our Legion delegates and their family members next week. We expect to have a productive and enjoyable convention."

With a current membership of 2.4 million wartime veterans, The American Legion was founded in 1919 on the four pillars of a strong national security, veterans affairs, Americanism, and youth programs. Legionnaires work for the betterment of their communities through more than 13,000 posts across the nation.


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  2. As a veteran and a member of the American Legion, and Legion Rider, I am in disgust at fellow members of this Legion. You tell me what dubya and cheney did for you but load up the VA hospital, to the breaking point. Tel me what Laura did for you compared to Dr. Jill Biden & Michelle Obama, has accomplished with dependent wives and children. I worked with Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, getting families recognized in need when bush and company screwed the pooch in getting the deployed Kansas National Guard dependents their allotment. What disgust me more that anything else is the total lack of knowledge to what socialism is. To those that said they are dropping their American Legion membership since they spent their whole career fighting socialism and communism. Please do us all a favor, and don't let the door hit you in the A$$. My spouse and I started a school program here where we donated Christmas cards from elementary to High School would fill them out to the wounded at Fort Sam, and we would collect money to put gift certificates in the cards. I brought the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and AFL-CIO on Board of The American Legion Riders American Legacy Run. I want to know what you have done except compare a disgraced Oliver North to this president. If push comes to shove both Oliver North and the other disgraced Allen West, could be charged under the Code of Military Justice, for their wanton disregard of the code in the promotion of Political candidates. While I am at it let me remind the Legions policies about displaying Legion gear at political rallies. I won't run and quit, I will hold you to the fire. You do not have to like the Commander in Chief. But he is a duly elected President and Commander in Chief (Twice, second by a lopsided majority) You don't have to agree with his policy, but as veterans, you will damned well respect the office he hold, and I will knock the damned head off of anyone that disrespects that office. It is up to the leadership of the American Legion to either get the members in line or remove them from the rolls. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR. When you go the facebook page of a piece of shit (that resided to avoid a court-martial like Allen West, that is using American Legion Convention pictures to further his political and for profit agenda then it is time to start doing a little Legion house cleaning. Let me remind you of your hero calling a Decorated disabled veteran disloyal to America. I better damned well see the new National Commander of the American Legion Address this disrespect for the Commander in Chief, or you will see me bringing a lot more in my camp to the table. Anyone that wants to carry on this conversation look me up on facebook. I will be looking for that address in the Legion Mag.
  3. There are no words for my disgust for the American Legion over allowing this lying scoundrel socialist a microphone. I spent an entire Army career fighting socialism and communism around the world only to have to suffer this pathetic excuse of a president. My association with the American Legion, for over 15 years will come to an end TODAY.
  4. Amen to that, them allowing that lying cheating thieving traitor a microphone disgusts me to no end. Him and his "friends" are traitors of the worst sort, not an opinion based on politics or something frivolous, but everyone knows he is a traitor, and wields a mighty golf club, ....truth be known, he probably can't now nor ever will be a good golfer, besides it is a elitist game, and he was showing everyone how much better he believes he is than the rest of the country. I'm unsure about joining the American legion because of this, apart from my VA troubles, being a first gulf war veteran, and that is Obama administration traitors fault the va being so screwed up, the va is filled with obamanites pushing the traitor party line, etc, I mean, I could go on all day, that filthy low down genocidal maniac, responsible for millions in Iraq dying and ISIS, for all we know, the Obama administration has been supporting ISIS in Iraq, that filthy traitor.
  5. All the respect that I had for the Legion just went right out the window. How in the world can the decision makers of the Legion sleep at night after inviting that POSPOTUS. I respect the rank, but the man in that chair does not deserve respect for he is not a leader and has not EARNED our respect.
  6. I am ashamed to be a member of the American Legion today - to invite such an a**hole to speak to Veterans is an insult to all who served - whoever invited him should be tarred and feathered - I have served the Legion at my Post for many years in many and multiple positions, and unfortunately I just reupped but it will be my last - you give honor to this traitor screw you - Semper Fidelis
  7. Gulf War Veteran here, I despise other vets as much as I despise the man who leads the worlds largest terrorist organization in the world, the US govt. While vets are in the various law enforcement agencies like those in Ferguson trampling free speech rights, other veteran organizations are silent on these issues. The land of the free my arse. The United States has the world's largest prison population on the planet with over 60% of the enslaved designated as non-violent drug offenders including vets who use cannabis to help with their PTSD. Your oaths to defend the constitution mean nothing and you pay is lip service to freedom and liberty.
  8. I can't believe the negativity that I am reading in the comments. The man may not be what everyone wants him to be as Commander in Chief. He certainly isn't what I want as CinC. But, regardless, all veterans should remember the phrase "Respect the rank". He may be some people's definition of a POS, but he still is the POTUS and as such, deserves that respect. It is always an honor to the President speak at our convention.
  9. I spoke with a German woman who was 13 at the start of WWII. Many people in Germany also respected the office. It is not the office the folks on this page are speaking of, it is the people in the office that that are showing disrespect for veterans. As we have learned in the past, there is a big difference between the office and the office holder. Both Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi's regime probably had supporters of the office as you know as a military man, but how many truly supported the office holders. Just food for thought.
  11. I have been a member of AL since 1966. This is the worst decision it has ever made. What a travesty. I am rethinking whether I will continue to be e member.
  12. I guess I will join a different veterans group. What a sad thing to do to our Veterans.
  13. I'd like to see EVERY VETERAN turn their back to Obama as he enters and while he is speaking! Obama is a Traitor and a Terrorist with a phone and a pen!
  14. He will be preceded by the great LtCol Oliver North. Let's hope North pulls no punches!
  15. STFU troll, we all know you're here to pick up that .15 cents a word paid by Valerie Jarrett for such drivel. Ollie North is 100 times the man that 0bama is, and you're nothing but dog feces stuck to your Kenyan idol's shoe.
  16. I hope 0bama gets boo'd as he deserves. This anti-military socialist has no respect for us and has flip-flopped on benefits, aand his A leaders arwe terrible. N0BAMA
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