Executive Director of The Home Depot Foundation Gaven Gregory announced a $1 million grant to American Legion projects through his foundation's Team Depot at the 96th National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Aug. 28. (Photo by Lucas Carter)

Home Depot dedicates $1 million for Legion grants

The Home Depot Foundation, which has provided more than $81 million in grants for building projects that benefit veterans over the last three years, is dedicating $1 million for American Legion projects, working through Team Depot, an army of some 350,000 employees and volunteers throughout the country, the executive director of the company’s foundation announced Thursday.

“We do thousands of community service projects every year, and hundreds of them are at your posts,” Home Depot Foundation Executive Director Gaven Gregory said from the podium of the 96th National Convention of The American Legion, in Charlotte, N.C. “When we got involved in this relationship, a lot of it was because those folks in the field (Team Depot) had done projects with you and said, ‘Hey, look, The American Legion is important to us. It’s important to our communities. And we want to do more.’ We took that guidance and said, ‘OK, we’re going to do more.’”

Over the past three years, the foundation and Team Depot have helped transform more than 13,000 homes for veterans, he said. “Since the launch of our mission, our volunteers have touched the homes and lives of veterans in every state, in thousands of cities across the country. We’re pretty proud of that. We have developed a powerful alliance with The American Legion over the years. We’ve worked together across the country to improve the lives of our veterans, from touching up posts to repairing homes for Legion members in need.”

He said The Home Depot Foundation grants have grown from $140,000 in 2011, to over $450,000 in 2012 and nearly double that in 2013. “The more we worked together, the more we realized what a powerful force we can be,” Gregory said.

He showed the crowd examples of American Legion projects in Tybee Island, Ga.; Stickney, Ill.; Alpharetta, Ga.; and Phoenix. Many of the projects have included improvements at American Legion posts, themselves.

Gregory said Legionnaires are encouraged to contact their local Home Depot stores and ask for the Team Depot captains who can assist with grant applications. For more information, Legion members can also visit http://homedepotfoundation.org/ on the web.

“I’m so proud of this relationship and the amazing work we do together,” Gregory said. “That’s why we are incredibly proud to announce we are committing an investment of $1 million over the next year at American Legion posts and veterans across the country, in alliance with The American Legion. We know we’re going to be working together for a long time.”


  1. As a member of Home Depot and a Life member of the Legion, Iam proud of the relationship and respect that Home Depot has for Vets- it has been an honor to serve this country and great to see that this county is honoring our vets-Got Bless and Protect this great nation founded under and by God!
  2. Approximately 1 1/2 years ago I and the Savannah Home Depot located on Victory Drive entered into discussions regarding their assisting our Post 500 with the renovation of our Post building. Home Depot management and officials were very enthusiastic about the possibility of partnering with us and helping us get off "square one" as, admittedly, we were having funding difficulties. My initial understanding from our discussions was that Home Depot would help us get started with our project by providing us with materials and labor assistance. Home Depot stated that this was just the type of project they were looking for and it would be good for the both of us. However, somewhere we formed a "disconnect". We were waiting for Home Depot to provide the start-up but the communications waned. After I inquired, Home Depot was saying that they'd been waiting for us to start and they would come in somewhere down the line. The discussion went from "we're prepare to offer you extensive assistance up to and including landscaping", to "what are you guys going to do for yourselves first? I am the Commander of Post 500. I am also the District Jr. Vice Commander and Post 154 at Tybee Island is under my assignment. Subsequent to our "tentative" agreement with Home Depot, Home Depot has assisted Post 154 Tybee Island on (2) separate occasions. During the first project I stood there and watched dismayed and somewhat confused, as Home Depot workers provided manpower, expertise and materials for Tybee Island almost a year after our "agreement" with Home Depot. Knowing that our Post is membership is made up of mostly low income veterans; we're having difficulty raising the funds needed after (4)years of fund raising projects we have approximately $6,000 in a restricted account. Not to cast dispersions, but Tybee Island is a somewhat affluent Post compared to Post 500. As a (23) year retired military veteran I am so grateful for what Home Depot does for my fellow veterans, especially those who're homeless. I was in attendance as a delegate at the National Convention in Charlotte and as I must admit to being in somewhat of a quandary knowing all the good that Home Depot provides and at the same time, it seems as though we've been cast aside. Again, thank you for all that you do.
  3. I just read some very nice words on how the Home Depot is helping Vets. This is wonderful, However; why all the stores do not honor all vets all the time, is an insult to our nation, and very contradictory to their claim to be so helpful.
  4. Why doesn't Home Depot honor all U.S. Veterans for the 10 per cent discount at their stores???
  5. I have run into this issue many times at Home Depot. When I show my VA card for the discount, the sales person does not AUTOMATICALLY grant you a 10% discount on items purchased. Apparently it depends on their internal policy of whether or not to offer a veteran's discount. Not too surprising to me, when I recently purchased a WEBER grill for around $600.00 the clerk at checkout said "WEBER DOES NOT OFFER ANY DISCOUNT TO VETERANS!" That simply tells me to go to LOWE'S and do your shopping ......never had a problem there.....it is not questions asked after showing your VA card!
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