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Legion news: What you need to know

Order air rifle targets online. The Legion has eliminated the time it takes to download, print and mail in target sets for the Legion’s Junior 3-Position Air Rifle preliminary round. Air rifle clubs and teams affiliated with the Legion’s Junior Shooting Sports program for the 2014 season can now order target sets online. Target sets are $10 per shooter and only one target set is needed per shooter if he or she is on an air rifle team. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Request a 2014 Emblem Sales catalog. Anyone who purchased a Legion, Auxiliary or Sons item from Emblem Sales in the last three years will automatically receive a catalog, as will commanders and adjutants on all levels. Anyone who needs to obtain a catalog can request one by contacting Emblem Sales. Call (888) 453-4466 or visit online at

Design a Legion T-shirt. ClassB, an official American Legion licensee for custom-made T-shirts, offers digital printing for a few as one shirt and screen printing for as few as six shirts. ClassB pays a royalty to the Legion for each shirt sold. To design your custom-made T-shirt, call (800) 851-4020 or visit the company online:














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