Veterans On Campus set for March 20

The American Legion will host its Veterans On Campus event, “Bridging the Gap,” at the Renaissance Washington D.C. Hotel on March 20 from 1 to 6 p.m., the day before the Legion’s annual Washington Conference begins.

“This conference will focus on the unique needs of returning veterans in the academic environment,” said Joe Sharpe, Economic Division director of The American Legion. “We’ll also be focusing on how we and other veterans service organizations can help these individuals make the transition to campus life.”

Key speakers include Randy Lazaro, from the Department of Veterans Affairs Education Service; Jeremy Glasstetter, president of Student Veterans of America; and Robert Spanogle, former national adjutant and past national commander of The American Legion.

Panels have been organized to discuss four topics: student veterans, the Post-9/11 GI Bill, campus resources for women veterans and ways to cultivate veteran-friendly campuses.

The symposium is free and open to the public. To register, please click here.


  1. Hey cedarwolf and others - I cannot provide the websites for these, but you can google them. The Student Veterans of American website will help I am also on the board of the Council of Colleges and Military Educators, which can provide great resources on this subject. Many states have Advisory Councils on Military Education (google that and you will find many websites for Texas, Colorado, California, etc.) Finally there is an actual organization that I invite you to check out that specifically is composed of veterans serving in Higher Education called College Educators for Veterans Higher Education CEVHE The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges also has a wealth of information on how to better serve veterans on campus I am always interested in talking with veterans serving in higher ed, so feel free to email me at Dr. Randy
  2. It would be interesting if those of us who teach on campuses outside the beltway could receive this information in a timely manner so we could set up events to participate. Had we known in time, at least on my own campus, we could have brought out the Vets and campus officials for a series of discussions and lectures on the Veterans experience and education. How do we get early warning on these things?
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