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Legion gives nearly $200k to Oklahoma families

Legion gives nearly $200k to Oklahoma families
(Photo by Mark Zimmerman)

Since a deadly tornado swept through Moore, Okla., last month, The American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) program has given nearly $200,000 to families affected by the storm. The assistance is part of the Legion’s pledge to provide unyielding support to the area and those affected by the storm.

In all, 177 families in Oklahoma have been given $195,000 worth of aid to help them pay for shelter, food, utilities and health expenses associated with the storm. The Legion’s TFA has been combined with support that the organization has given through its National Emergency Fund. Last month, the organization earmarked $1 million worth of NEF aid for the region.

TFA aid is available to families with minor children (17 years or younger) who have a parent or legal guardian who is a veteran or current servicemember eligible for membership in The American Legion. Parents or guardians need not actually be Legion members - they only need to be eligible for membership. Families with deceased parents who would have been eligible for Legion membership can also apply for TFA aid.

For information on applying for aid or donating to the TFA fund, visit the Legion’s TFA homepage:

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