March 19, 2012

The California American Legion Amateur Radio Service (CALARS) meets every Sunday on 7278 MHz at 2000 Hours UTC (1300 PDT). All TALARC members are welcome to check in.

Dan Curry - K6DLC
American Legion Post 585
District 26 Amateur Radio Coordinator


  1. I am a member of the American Legion Amateur Radio Club. How Do I become a member of CALARS?

    Hector M. Diaz-Colon (K6DCI)
    Member# 202565274

  2. We do a weekly net on 7.278 at 1300 PDT.
    Just check in. Once you check in you become a member and it is free.

  3. Amateur-Radio-Post-380-The-American-Legion

    Please check out the new Facebook page for Post 380. We will be posting items of intrest to Veterans and Hams. We conduct a Net at 1930 hrs on Thursdays on the K6FB repeater 145.4500 - 100hz PL all Hams are welcome to check in. All CALARS members are welcome to join the Post.

    SGT JW

  5. I am a member Orange Post 132 and wondering if there is any kind of roster of hams in Orange County?

    Tnx es 73

    David WD6AJR

  6. How can I get on the call out list. I have checked in and while the bands have been not optimal, I do not hear a call for guests. K9AOG.

  7. Band conditions were good today and I was able to checked in at the end. Hopefully I will be added to the roster. This was my third check in but not on roster. K9AOG

  8. Some big AM signals wiping out 7.278 this PM. Is there an alternate freq? Any thought given to using NetLogger to provide net info?

  9. KM6BNYag here. I will join the net Sunday. I'm a member of Post 23 Sanger. District 14 and Area 3 Anature Radio. Will be setting up a 2m/440 and HF Station inside the new HQ Building in Sanger. See you on the Radio.

  10. Dan, Look up my call sign again. KM6BNY will come up as Robert D King. Reedley Ca.