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Commander set to testify before Congress

Dan Dellinger, legislative chairman of The American Legion, is calling upon Legion family members - especially those in the greater Washington area - to attend the upcoming congressional testimony of newly-appointed National Commander Fang A. Wong.

"This is our ‘state of the union' address to Congress and National Commander Wong deserves the unity of our organization behind him," Dellinger said. "Our goal is to fill every seat in the room when Commander Wong testifies for The American Legion. We want it to be a ‘standing room only' event."

Any member of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion can attend the national commander's testimony, which is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21, in Room G-50 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building on 1st and C St. NE.

"There is a misperception among some of our members that they aren't eligible to attend the testimony, but they certainly are. And we need a wide spectrum of the Legion family inside that hearing room to show the vitality and the relevance of our organization," Dellinger said. "Behind every member in attendance are thousands of veterans and those currently serving. We need to make certain the members of Congress see that."

And even though travel reimbursement to Washington cannot be reimbursed for those who did not receive a national call-in for the event, , Dellinger said, "I'm confident that many members of our Legion family will join us."

Meanwhile, those who can't witness Commander Wong's testimony in person, video highlights will be available on Point papers and other documents will also be available on the Legion website.



  1. I feel strongly about pointing fingers and being dissatisfied with the actions of others who we trust to help us when we (Veterans) feel we deserve this or that. I knew going into it that I had not advocates other than my brothers who served with me so I have never been disappointed or felt betrayed when politicians or the majority of American citizens neglect those who risked it all to save the one thing that makes this country great... Freedom!! We are free to make the needed choices to better our lives.. free to speak our minds and free to take responsibility to see to our needs without the help of those who have not a clue what a combat serviceman has been through. I believe all Veterans need to take advantage of any and all programs that will be of benefit to them and be dam glade that we have what has been afforded to us and stop acting as if the country owes us a debt! WE ARE FREE AND WE FOUGHT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY... this is the benefit that we earned. No more!
  2. For many years, the Congress has promised us, the Veterans coverage and programs for either free, or low cost. Now, the current Congress wants to take away these programs under the guise of austerity. What is our option for our future warriors? How about a pact, in writing, stating what "we, the people" are willing to provide. If it's not sufficient, then how about we say, "thanks, but no thanks. Do it yourself." (Not the people, but the Congress.) Maybe if those "wonderful, cost cutting Congressional folks" had to do for themselves, they might get an inkling of what our veterans have had to put up with for these so many years.
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