Franklin D'Olier

Franklin D'Olier of Pennsylvania was elected to serve as the first national commander, and Lemuel Bolles of Washington was appointed as the first national adjutant. Indianapolis won the bid in a competition with four other cities – Minneapolis, Detroit, Kansas City, Mo., and Washington, D.C. – to become the permanent home of The American Legion National Headquarters. In less than a year, The American Legion had emerged from an idea built on a few general values into a federally chartered and fast-growing force of patriotic veterans.

The American Legion Extension Institute has been rewritten, updated, streamlined and enhanced with videos, digital photos, clickable links, a historical timeline and additional features. To register and take the course, visit www.legion.org/alei. The program should take less than two hours to complete. It is divided into six sections, with a quiz at the end of each one, followed by a final exam.

The American Legion’s official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants and those who simply want to expand their knowledge of the nation’s largest veterans service organization is now available online.





  1. why only the u.s.citizen can avail americanlegion programs like children welfare foundation,family network support?how about the filipino veterans childrens and family can they avail that kind of programs?i am a daughter of the late world war II veteran member here in phils.he was a USAFEE member during world war II.i am a member of american legion here in the phils.
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