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View resolutions from Fall Meetings

While convened at National Headquarters in Indianapolis last week for Fall Meetings, the National Executive Committee passed 32 resolutions relating to Legion programs and positions both internally and externally. Those resolutions are now available to view in the Legion’s Digital Archive; see the collection here.

The Digital Archive was recently updated to make it more searchable and user-friendly. Visitors can now refine or filter a search by title, date, format type and author. And a number of historical documents have been added to the collections, highlighting Legion programs and positions from the 1920s to the mid-1960s. Find more at http://archive.legion.org/.


  1. Gee, it sure would be nice if the Legion would acknowledge Women's Equality Day commemorating the passage of the 19th Amendment by acknowledging women's Legion membership and military service as being equal enough to that of their male counterparts to allow male spouses of female Legionnaires to join the SAL. The IRS counts female VSO members as equal to male members. The VA and DoD consider a woman's DD214 equal to a man's, yet at last year's National Convention, some sexist bigot declared that "We are a veterans' organization, not a social organization and if we allowed male spouses of female members, we wouldn't be a veterans' organization anymore." Then came the further disrespect from a simpering Auxiliary member that said they voted to do a "two year study" on the tax implications (despite the FACT that the IRS considers women's military service and veterans' status equal to that of men and despite the FACT that the SAL is a LEGION, not an Auxiliary program and doesn't require their buy-in). If there is no rank in the American Legion, then why is my membership not equal enough to that of a man, despite my TWENTY YEARS of military service and why is the question of the equality of my service even up for a vote? The Legion could better live up to its membership potential if some of its members would accept women's military service and Legion membership as equal, rather than acting as though women served in the military for pin money and not as a real job.
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