Photo by James V. Carroll

Working the membership angle

More than 350 Legionnaires will be in Indianapolis this week to discuss membership strategies, receive training and hear from American Legion leadership during the 48th annual National Membership Workshop, July 27-29.

On July 28, attendees will hear from National Commander Jimmie L. Foster and National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler, as well as national staff. Legionnaires also will hear from Immediate Past Department of Kentucky Commander Michael Phelps, who helped guide his department to first place in Legion membership this year. Attendees will then adjourn to smaller breakout sessions for training broken down into basic and advanced courses, as well as tutelage for district commanders and 2011-2012 department membership chairmen.

On July 29, Fang Wong - leading candidate for 2011-2012 national commander - and Jim Koutz, consultant to the National Legislative Commission, will address workshop attendees. More breakout sessions will follow the group session.


  1. Open membership up to all vets regardless of the period that they served. I have a friend who would very much like to join BUT he was in service between Korea & Vietnam. He is a good man, a strong patriot, and his daughter is currently a high ranking Navy Doctor. Sons can join, wives can join, maybe we should allow parents to join.
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