Complete Consolidated Post Report forms online

The American Legion's Consolidated Post Report (CPR) was established nearly 40 years ago to assist departments in the documentation of activities that a specific post completed during the 12-month (June 1 through May 31) reporting period.

The CPR form can be downloaded here, filled out and submitted by mail. When choosing to submit the paper form, send the original and one copy to your department headquarters by the date they specify; keep the third copy for post records.

Posts can fill out and submit CPR forms online at; the forms are located under "Post and Department" options. After completing the form online, click the "submit" button to send the report to National Headquarters. A copy will automatically be sent to your department headquarters.

Online submission will be available at through July 1, the cutoff for receipt of forms at National Headquarters.

During his speech at the 95th National Convention in Houston, National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger requested assistance from American Legion department commanders in obtaining 100 percent reporting. "Remember, the job is not done until the paperwork is filed."

In effort to increase participation in filling out CPRs, Dellinger instituted the following recognition:

  • Plaque at National Convention for 95 percent to 100 percent reporting.
  • Certificates mailed for those that are over 75 percent reporting and show an increase in their response rate from 2013.





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