Fang Wong, leading candidate for 2011-2012 national commander, will address the National M&PA Committee on Friday in Indianapolis. Photo by James V. Carroll

Membership on the agenda in Indy

The American Legion’s National Membership & Post Activities Committee will meet in Indianapolis on Friday to evaluate membership strategies, hear from Legion leaders and analyze current membership programs. The committee also will break into smaller groups to review membership resolutions and membership planning sessions, as well as other membership issues. National Commander Jimmie Foster will address the committee, as will National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler and Fang Wong, the national commander’s representative to the Legislative Commission and the leading candidate for 2011-2012 American Legion national commander.

Meanwhile, Denise H. Rohan, chairman of the M&PA Committee, will provide opening remarks to the committee at 9:05 Friday morning.


  1. I served in relative comfort, but due to the fact that I was in during Desert Storm, which raged thousands of miles away from me, I am eligible for Legion membership. Someone who had my exact job at my duty station who ETS'ed a year earlier, isn't. Veterans whose MOS's subjected them to danger on a daily basis (carrier flight deck crewman, soldier in the Korean DMZ) no matter the ThreatCon or war era status cannot join if their time didn't fall within the blackout dates. I feel that honorable veterans who did more and harder service than I are left on the outside. Let's consider including all Honorably discharged service men and women, not to boost membership, not to be less exclusive, but to correct what was once a noble idea but is now much more capricious and random, and to make the situation more fair and just. Because it's the right thing to do.
  2. You hit the bull on the head. When I was discharged in July 1959 I was excited to join my local American Legion where I played baseball the year before I joined the Army. They turned me down since I had no combat or wars in my time. My MOS took me for two years where I was a top secret 100 inch camera leader along the East German & Czechoslovakian borders. Armed with only a 45MM pistol I took photos along the barbed wire , mine invested plowed stripes. Using topographic maps we took infra red photos of strategic areas of the iron curtain. Don't want any medals just the right to join the AL. This was dangerous work but I like many of my area were proud to serve. Many war era vets served back in the states in an office. Think about It. WMF
  3. As the Commander for the SAL's Squadron 86 Gray, Maine I have taken on a task this year. That task is to find out why we do not have a group for Fathers and Husbands. If you Son or Daughter serves our great country during a conflict that falls in the correct dates the Mother can join the Aux. however the proud Father is left sitting outside. On a second note if a Husband serves during a conflict the Wife can join the Aux., however if the Wife serves again we have no group for the Husband. I'm not sure who or where the correct place is for me to raise this issue. However I thought this would be a good start. Would love any feedback on this topic.
  4. it is up to congress to change our date,and a lot of this is due to the irs on our tax excempt status. we would loose a lot of our not for profit unless congress changes the irs ruleings, and we all know that if they cant benifit form it forget it.
  5. I do not see any reason for not getting membership, if the team you have does their work. My team got me to Race To The Top when I was District Cmdr. Again, when I was Area Commander and an ATH when I was Dept Cmdr. At the current time I am Adjutant, membership for my Post and we made our 100% on Sept 30 and as of 1/6 we stand at 110.881% (492 Mbrs). You have to get in the trenches and I am not sure those that make the Membership decision have every done that.
  6. Justwhat part of war era do you not understand ? The American Legion by act of Congress sets war era dates for membership. If you fail to meet (having served within these dates like my #3 daughter) then you do not qualify period ! I do not support any change and to you who served in the "old war era" please remember that your butt was not in the bottom of a fox hole under fire.This is not a bad thing but rather you should consideryourself lucky ! JB
  7. Just what part of "War Era" don't you understand? I'm American Legion qualified, but I don't think that makes me more qualified because I served during Beruit/Grenada era's than someone that was stationed in Germany during peacetime or in between conflicts or wars. I think American Legion and VFW should let all Cold War veterans join their groups. Actually, I think all honorably discharged veterans should be able to join all veteran service organizations. These organizations are closing their doors and good veterans that are not eligible would love to be eligible and therefore, help out the club by donating their time and services. Why let these good men and women down?
  8. There is already a group like that - AMVETS. For some reason, AMVETS has barely a third of the national membership the Legion does. So, I would venture the eligibility dates are not the problem. Recruiting is.
  9. Memership could be greatly enhanced If we could allow all veterans that served to become members. Those that served in peacetime were trained and ready to go to war when the orders came in.
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