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'Our Parent, the Constitution'

Featured in Oratorical Contest
'Our Parent, the Constitution'
Anisha Gururaj presents her oration during The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program championship round on April 17. Photo by James V. Carroll

While looking for college scholarship opportunities, Anisha Gururaj from Chesterfield, Mo., came across The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program. After winning the Oratorical contest at the state level, Gururaj went into last weekend’s national finals in Indianapolis with a mindset of moving up the competition ladder and applying her expertise on the U.S. Constitution from her AP government class. But little did Gururaj know that she would not only compete against 52 talented contestants, she would be the one taking home the 74th Oratorical championship for her prepared oration, “Our Parent, the Constitution,” and knowledge of the assigned topic, Amendment 10.

The applause for her well-deserved accomplishment could be heard throughout her hometown of Chesterfield, as well as India where many of her relatives also reside. With the live webcast of Sunday’s championship finals on, Gururaj’s relatives in India watched her winning oration and phoned her mother immediately following the event to send their congratulations.

After the excitement for her victory calmed down, Gururaj spoke with The American Legion regarding the title of her oration, preparing for the assigned topic Amendments and the Oratorical contest’s meaning to her.

Click here to watch Gururaj recite her prepared oration and assigned topic during the Oratorical championship finals.

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April 24, 2011 - 1:28pm

Why can't I download them? All I get is the symbol going round and round. If I tap on that I get only an arrow to the right and if I tap on that it goes back to the whirling dervish!

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