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2011 Legacy Run registration underway

Registration forms are now available for the 2011 American Legion Legacy Run, which will begin in Indianapolis on Aug. 21 and culminate Aug. 25 in Minneapolis, the site of the 2011 American Legion National Convention. Click here for the form.

Registration and check-in will be Aug. 20 in Indianapolis, while the run itself commences the morning of Aug. 21 and wraps up the afternoon of Aug. 25. Once in Minneapolis, ride participants will gather for meetings to review the run, as well as for events sponsored by the Department of Minnesota and Minnesota Legion Riders.

The Riders will also lead the National Convention Parade on Aug. 28.

The 2010 Legacy Run to Milwaukee traveled more than 1,400 miles, covered six states and raised more than $634,000 for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. In five years, the Run has generated more than $2 million for the Legacy Fund, which raises money to cover college expenses for the children of U.S. servicemembers killed on active duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001.


  1. What do I think? I think somebody needs to update this web page. 2011 Legacy Run? Really? It's 2013 already!!!
  2. I must have missunderstood what read in the in the registration form. I understood i was agreeing to wear a dot approved helmet, and any gear required by the state i was riding in at the time. Please correct me if i'm wrong!
  3. I live in Pierre SD and I'm trying to find someone to ride with me to Indy. I've posted on our Legion riders web site and on face book. No takers so far. Hope I'll get some takers here. My e-mail address is
  4. The problem with riding in a large group without a helmet, is that if you get hit in the face by a bird, bugs or a chunk of metal from a passing truck! You are liable to run into several other riders and cause a major accident. If you are riding alone, feel free to not wear a helmet, but in a group ride show a little respect for the other riders!
  5. I respect everyone's opinions that have been posted here. But let us not lose site of what the purpose of the Legacy Run is about. In addition, the ones that plan the route; many hours of planning go into a Run of this magnitude, to include a pre-run. Give these people credit for all their time, and for their efforts in keeping ALL riders safe from start to finish.
  6. I am a bit confused by the many comments as I am seeing everyone here exercising their freedoms. The ride organizers are free to organize the ride in the way they see fit and with whatever rules they want to lay down. The rest have the freedom to be part of or not be part of the event. You all have been pretty clear that you are determine to exercise that freedom that we all fought for. For those that have an issue with the rules of this or any other ride, organize your own event. Personally, I think the purpose of this event is too important to spend our time arguing. Let's get on with the ride. See you in Minneapolis.
  7. Why is the Run route made known so close to the date of the run? I suggest the route be published on this site ASAP. If individuals have a desire to attend based on the route, this would provide adequate time to plan for the event.
  8. This is what I love of about our great country, the freedom of expression! I fully agree, everyone's opinion should be heard, and we all seem to have an opinion as to whether or not National should be requiring us to wear helmets during the legacy run. I would only add this, lets please remember what the Legacy Run is all about, it's not about us as riders but about helping others. God Bless this great country and see you all on the run!
  9. I've read the pro's and con's of the debate, yet I have to agree with many here who oppose the helmet rule. After the military, i spent thirty seven years as an OTR truck driver. I could tell you all kinds of stories and recite stats as well. The main point is, it boils down to personal choice. If the riders change their rules, I will undoubtedly ride with them. Until that time, they can find someone else to donate time and money. What you guys are discussing is this. If the dog didn't stop to take a crap, he would have caught the rabbit. However, it was his freedom and his choice alone, to decide. Either way, we'll never get out of this world alive. We should in the least, be able to enjoy the few freedoms, we have left.
  10. National needs to be careful on requirements, it might chase off members!!? thats thats is the last thing we want. We want a lot more members not less members!!!!!
  11. not only do the riders and passengers have to wear helmets and no passing from the start of the ride in the morning until kick stands down in the evening there is no drinking of any alcohol. These rules serve the purpose to keep everyone safe.
  12. Yup, you have the freedom to ride without a helmet, but that is just one rule of the ride. Some other rules you may not like are: riding staggered formation, no passing other riders, 55-60 mph, follow the leader, stay in your lane except for emergency. See you in Minneapolis.
  13. New at this Run. Is there any information on what Post we stop at, Hotels, route, etc. What stops are there that we can do laundry? Also is the run only for Legion Riders, or can anyone ride on this.
  14. As Bill "AWACS" Sloan will tell you. The route, hotels, and posts will be sent out to registered riders around July, first 2 weeks of August. However, I'm sure it will be on this site before then.
  15. This year willl be my 4th Legacy Run. In 2008 on the leg from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, several riders joined us. It was raining fairly had and they werent wearing helmets. They were really having trouble the rain. I spent a lot of time watching them as I did the road ahead. If they had been wearing helmets, I think things would have been better. I also saw the accident last year. There many advantages of wearing a helmet. It is just a safety factor when there 300 to 400 motorcycles riding in a group. I personnaly prefer wearing a helmet. I have a son-in-law who thought it was neat to not wear a helmet until he hit bugs. He now wears a helmet. I am looking forward to the ride again this year. We also need to remember what the event is for. It is not for us but to provide help to the children of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
  16. Freedom, is this what we beleive in?? Well I personally spent a day at the capital in Springfield, IL seeing state Rep's to insure that I and others in the State of IL could ride with or without a helmet and it was there choice. I have already sent in the registration form for the Legacy Run. However, I will not do the run in protest of freedom restructions. I will just let that be a donation to the Legacy Fund. It is a shame the our orginization has to set rules that are already state laws. I now see why there is 2 seperate Legion Riders. The one for National has to make money with and the other that gets the riders in to assist the posts. If you want to give up your freedom that is your choice. I prefer to fight for my rights. Not have my head in the sand and let someone tell me how to live/ride. Freedom is not free and can be taken away. It happens daily by our government and now our Legion.
  17. I have a buddy that went down on his bike last year. Without his helmet he would have had an open casket, but thankfully he was wearing his helmet, and is still walking the earth to this day!!
  18. FYI to all the chapters participating in the Legacy run to benefit the Legacy Scholarship Fund. Past years I have asked for a breakdown of expenses and monies that are donated to the run that might not go directly to the scholarship fund. I have never gotten this(and think there is a reason we arent supposed to know this!?!) and have discovered a way to prevent the use of donated money from going to operating expenses. If your chapter donates its money to "The Legacy Scholarship Fund" 100% goes to the fund, without any skimming for "operating expenses" word to the wise, most bang for the buck!
  19. i also served as we all did. seen brothers in go down in service of their country. this all to do our part for the freedoms of others who don't even care. why on gods green earth should I be told to weare somthing i'm uncomfortable with which the law says i not need wear it. force me, i don't think so. make some other sorry bastard bow down to you. i will not ! thats my right. i picked bozo to emphasize you clowns who dictate to me to wear a helmet ? zieg heil !!
  20. i also served as we all did. seen brothers in go down in service of their country. this all to do our part for the freedoms of others who don't even care. why on gods green earth should I be told to weare somthing i'm uncomfortable with which the law says i not need wear it. force me, i don't think so. make some other sorry bastard bow down to you. i will not ! thats my right. i picked bozo to emphasize you clowns who dictate to me to wear a helmet ? zieg heil !!
  21. I've read all the pros and cons posted so far and would like to add my point of view. To me the choice to ride with or without a helmet, state requirements aside, is a personal freedom. I for one served my country in order to protect our freedoms. It seems to me that for the organizers to dictate that I wear a helmet, or any other requirement not already governed by law, is a curtailment of freedom. People have been riding with and without helmets for years as a personal choice when so allowed. In any accident, the wearing of a helmet may or may not make a difference depending on the specifics of the accident. But my main point is why are we even considering allowing one of our freedoms to be taken from us? Just my opinion, you decide.
  22. I unfortunately had the opportunity to watch the accident directly in front of me and the road captain this last year on the first day. If the rider had not had his helmet the injuries would have surely been more severe. When we ride in such a large group no one is immune to other actions which may cause an accident. For the safety of all lets not put the legion riders and leaders in a position to make a call that no one wants to make to our family member. I watched that bike flip in the air and the rider go down along with other riders. It was not a pretty site. We were lucky to have a medic with us and quick reaction to keep him from being run over when he landed in the fast lane. Please remember it is each one of us responsibilty to look out for the safety of our brothers and sisters who ride with us. I too live and ride in state which allows us to ride without a helmet. I do not want too have to pick up the broken parts of one of my brothers or sisters. Just another point
  23. Imagine the negative impact and bad press that the Legacy Run would receive if even a minor head injury occurred when a helmet was not worn. We're going to be out there doing a job for the kids of those KIA, so let's take the high road and think about them first.
  24. Just wear one and then you don't have to worry about where or when to wear it. Better safe than sorry.
  25. Just my 2 cents, but isnt this Country supposed to be about Freedom of Choice? Having said that I will probably choose to wear it, not because I was told I had to even tho its a helmet choice state, but because its my choice. UPDATE: Having gone back and reread the signup/release form I now understand #5 to say that helmets are mandatory only if required by law. Am I misreading this or miss a bulletin??
  26. Since you are requiring helmets you may as well go all the way and require boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt reflective vest, gloves and any other item that is deemed "safety gear". Me wearing a helmet does not make any other riders safer. My safety should be my choice. I have ridden many many miles and seen many accidents by riders wearing helmets and those not wearing helmets. Yes, a helmet does make a difference. The difference is a open casket or closed. I should make that choice. Heck, reasonable safety would deem some riding in the rain unsafe but we do it anyway, remember Uncle Dick, "Rain or shine we will be kickstands up five minutes after I honk." Rethink the helmet thing. It makes no sense. I will continue to do the run because it is a good program although I will continue to voice my opinion. Hoping one day you change this policy. Incidentally, did anyone get hurt in the first three runs? There was no helmet requirement then.
  27. I am glad the Legacy Run requires helmets. I know in some states it is a personal choice, including the State I live in. I would never climb on my bike without a helmet, but again that is just me. A ride of this size with all different size bikes and skill levels it is important to put safety first and I thank the American Legion Family for doing that. Keep up the good work. This will be my first Legacy Run and I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of riders. Ride Safe Helix
  28. Why in the world are we required to wear helmets wile on the Legacy Run? Many of the states we travel threw do give the adult motorcycle ridder the freedom of choice to wear or not wear what ever head gear they see fit. As Legion members, we should not let this restrictive policy remain. I for one am assamed that it even exist on a American Legion Run, not alone an ALR event.
  29. Solidarity and confusion prevention. I don't have a problem wearing a helmet because I wear one whenever I ride, but I can certainly understand others opinions. When we ride as a group on the Legacy Run, we often will ride for an hour at a time and can cross state lines without stopping. If all are wearing helmets before we cross into a mandatory state, then all is ok. Just as when we (most of us I guess) wore a "uniform" we were to all look the same, I think this is part of what the organizers are going for. Also, we pass many cars and vans carrying kids of all ages. I think it sends a message to those passengers as well. We are quite a spectacle when you look at 300 bikes all lined up rolling down the road, it will be a memory for some children that may last a lifetime. I believe it promotes a sense of solidarity and safety for kids to see us all with helmets. It might just make them think they should wear a helmet when they take their first ride, and it might just save some lives!
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