U.S. Army photo

Commander: President makes right call on U.S. airstrikes

“A necessary step" is how the head of the nation’s largest veterans service organization characterized President Barack Obama’s decision to authorize U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State terrorists that are threatening U.S. personnel and Iraqi civilians in the war torn country which has been under siege since June. The mission also includes providing humanitarian assistance in the form of food and water.

“Nobody wants endless war,” American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger said. “But the Islamic radicals have no regard for human life and are intent on destroying every semblance of civilization that doesn’t fit into their evil ideology. Too many brave American men and women have sacrificed their lives and limbs in Iraq for us to disengage. We cannot isolate ourselves from what is happening in the world – 9/11 has proven that.”


  1. That's sick what the ISIS are doing to them over in Iraq. Bombing them is just going to invite more problems, we should have never left Iraq, should have waited. I knew this would happen after we pulled out now the president is backtracking
  2. I agree that we shouldn't ignore what Americans died and were wounded defending, but we should have NEVER gone there in the first place. In addition to this, the Iraqi people need to stand up and fight for their country as well. Their army ran like cowards and that crazy ISIS group still showed those they captured no mercy.
  3. Your comment about there army running is bull! There were some who ran because they had no backup. But for the most part there army is trying to stand there ground. You listen to the leftist news to much! And if we had not gone when we did we might be in a hell of lot worse situation know. but that is here nor there. Sounds like you just want to bitch!
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