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Hill condemns release of classified reports

In the wake of the publication of more than 90,000 secret military documents by a Web site, the leader of The American Legion called upon Justice Department officials to vigorously prosecute any American who knowingly leaks classified information. WikiLeaks.org, a self-described whistleblower organization, posted 76,000 classified reports to its Web site Sunday night and said it is vetting another 15,000 documents for future release.

" As the old saying goes ‘loose lips sink ships,' but today's sad reality is that the Worldwide Web can lead to worldwide mayhem if certain Web sites do not practice better discretion," said National Commander Clarence Hill, a retired U.S. Navy captain. "Anyone who serves or has served in the U.S. military knows that the penalties for revealing classified information are extremely serious. The penalties are high because some information can clearly put our servicemembers and our national security at risk. We don't get to decide which documents are likely to do so. It is a crime to reveal classified information. Enforce the law."

National Security Advisor James Jones, a former commandant of the Marine Corps, expressed similar concerns. "The United States strongly condemns the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk and threaten our national security."

Hill recalled that The American Legion strongly condemned last year's planned release of photographs of alleged prisoner abuse because it could endanger U.S. troops. "To its credit, the White House denied the ACLU's request for the photographs because it knew that the people's ‘right to know,' should not needlessly endanger the lives of troops. I am not saying that these documents will do the same, but I do not have a lot of faith in the discretion of WikiLeaks, which has made its anti-war agenda quite clear."


  1. Way back part of our schooling was that the whores wanted our money and our information. Some classified info had the value of wall paper to people who may not like us. Some classified material, if leaked could mean that persons on our side would be killed. It mattered not that we could tell the difference of "bad" info or "good" info. It only mattered that we keep our mouths shut and divulge nothing, except maybe our ID number. Don't kill the 'whore', Wikipedia. Court martial the leaker and send him/her to prison. For a long time.
  2. A similar release of stolen files about the Vietnam War happened about 40 years ago. Then there was Watergate, then H. Clinton's "missing" records on the White Water resort, were found under her bed in the WH. Then our current president's LONG association with at least one known and convicted terrorist. What can be expected from another independent prosecutor investigation? I only spent 26 years in the Army, and remember being spit on and called a baby killer, when I walked through SF International Air Port in April 1971, coming back from my second tour in 'Nam. When I complained to the SFPD Air Port uniformed officers, they just told me to let it drop. Nothing they could do would help me, only help the jokers who assaulted me. What can you expect from a Party in Power, when Clinton's adviser is caught trying to leave the National Archives with documents stuffed in his socks, underwear, and who knows what body opening?
  3. American Legion It doesn’t sound good right now but shortly it will help end the conflict, and not much has changed since Vietnam. About 90% of those incidents wouldn’t have happened if first Bush had not let 9-11 happen and then start a war over gas fields. Secondly if General Bush hadn’t screwed the ground forces with zero support it put a tremendous amount of stress on soldiers that led to lapses in better thinking. Therefore I will find out who everyone from the brass to the Whitehouse as president and prosecute them instead. Best Regards, 45Th President of the United States Chris
  4. The US justice department needs to come down hard on any American involved in leaking the reports. Penalties should be as treason and individuals involved given maximum penalties. the commander is right in stating that it is not known what information an jeopardize troops in the field. The so called mainstream media should also be chastised for being a willing party to the leak and aiding and abetting by going along with publishing agreement.
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