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Legion: Listen to Marines' commandant

The American Legion has called on Congress, the president and the Pentagon to carefully consider the concerns voiced by the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps regarding the lifting of the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuals.

“The motto of the Marine Corps is ‘Semper Fidelis,’ which means ‘always faithful,’” said National Commander Jimmie L. Foster, a Marine Corps veteran. “Gen. James F. Amos, who was appointed by President Obama to oversee the operations of that military service, is concerned that allowing homosexuals to serve openly will hurt combat effectiveness. Just as the Marines are ‘always faithful’ to protecting our country, we must be always faithful to protecting them. The American Legion opposes any action or social policy that undermines combat effectiveness.”

Amos pointed out that the Marine Corps often houses its troops two per room. “There is nothing more intimate than young men and young women and when you talk of infantry, we’re talking of young men – laying out, sleeping alongside of one another and sharing death, fear and loss of brothers. I don’t know what the effect of that will be on cohesion. I mean, that’s what we’re looking at. It’s unit cohesion. It’s combat effectiveness.”

Foster added that the timing of such a change, while the United States is engaged in two wars, is ill-conceived. “We agree with Gen. Amos that ‘this is not a social thing. It is combat effectiveness.’ I have no doubt that homosexuals have and continue to serve this country honorably. This is not about fairness, it’s about military readiness,” said Foster.


  1. Centers for Disease Control: data from California and New York include unprecedented outbreaks of syphilis and alarming rates of rectal gonorrhea. CDC estimates of the lifetime expenditures for treating a single case of HIV infection, MSM infections acquired that single day will cost $6.5 million. The cost in human potential need not enter the calculus even for a voodoo economist, unless so muddled by moral outrage that he thinks sex between men is indeed something to 'die for'." (Going Public section, pages 872-881. Dutch society is recognized as one of the most gay-affirming and gay-tolerant in the world, and yet the risk for mental illness among those who engage in homosexuality remains high, and significantly higher than among heterosexuals in that country. Regarding physical health, there is increasing evidence that mortality and morbidity rates are substantially higher for those who engage in homosexual practices. For example, the risk of anal More...
  2. Gen. George Washington held a clear understanding of the rules for order and discipline, and as the original Commander-in-Chief, he was the first not only to forbid, but even to punish, homosexuals in the military. The lifespan of gays is considerably shorter, and I cannot go into all the diseases and disorders caused by the aberrant sexual practices, but I will mention a few: Malebranche's study contradicts the view that coming out of the closet or disclosing one's homosexuality is associated with improved mental health, responsible behavior, and lower rates of HIV infection. To the contrary, [his study of] African-American men who disclose their homosexuality have a higher HIV prevalence than those who do not choose to do so (24% versus 14%). They also engaged in more unprotected anal sex (41% versus 32%) than those who do not disclose. Centers for Disease Control: 14% increase of HIV-AIDS among homosexual men in the US between 1999 and 2001 More...
  3. I don't concur. "Homophobia" is a contrived word that actually means “fear of men,” not of homosexuals. When one has to resort to calling people who disagree with one’s own opinion by labeling or calling names, it shows a lack of real logic or reason. It automatically assumes the other is of a class for only one reason (such as calling someone who dislikes a particular black person for a personal reason a racist). There are many reasons one may not condone homosexual activity, but not hate homosexuals. American people have been lulled into accepting homosexuality as benign, equal to heterosexuality, and favorable by media, schools, and the homosexual agenda itself. Children, before they are brainwashed, are uncomfortable with same-sex “love.” Our earliest army brass condemned homosexuality. Gen. George Washington held a clear understanding of the rules for order and discipline, and as the original Commander-in-Chief, he was the first not only to
  4. For those who are disappointed with TAL's stand on DADT, consider this: TAL stands for the veteran in good times and bad. Don't ever consider leaving over any one issue. For that Marine who disparages the Army vet to leave, I would like to tell you where to go, but I will simply say your pride in being a Marine is commendable, but there is honor and pride in all the services. Yes TAL is a conservative organization but it is also a liberal organization in its advocacy for vets. As for DADT, the National Commander is entitled to his opinion as are all our members. To cite the Marine Corps Commandant's opposition but not the Chairman's support is misleading. TAl should wait until the report is released and evaluate it and then postulate a position. Honestly, it's unlikely the Senate will overturn DADT and it certainly won't do so in the next Congress. At that point the President should implement a don't enforce command as the Commander-in-Chief.
  5. cwinnmtok = I , for one, would encourage you to leave the Legion . We don't need your kind. WE veterans choose who are leadership is, not program it like a left wing reverse discrimination scam like " affirmative action". Get out , good riddance !
  6. "I don't care if the the guy f*cks chickens, just so long as he don't look at me like I got feathers." -Heard in the 9th Infantry Division. Most of us didn't care then, and we don't care now.
  7. I wonder why I am still a member of the Legion. Why should we listen to one homophobe, just because all the old white guys that run the Legion agree with him? I wonder if I'll ever see the day when the Legion magazine has the pictures on the national leadership, and the department commanders, and it's not all a bunch of white haired old white men.
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