Obama signs DADT repeal into law

At approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning, President Obama signed into law legislation letting gays serve openly in military.

Obama referred to the signing as, “a moment more than two centuries in the making. Gay Americans fought just as hard, gave just as much, to protect this nation.”

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  1. I too am in favor of the repeal of DADT. I grew up in the 40's and 50's and served in the military in the 60's. I worked alongside straight and gay men and some served well and some not so well. No difference. I also saw extreme prejudice against blacks in the military and in civilian life. That wasn't right and prejudice against gays is not right. Until the basic fact that our constitution requires equal treatment for all citizens is fully realized and bigots are quieted down I will continue to speak up for those who are treated with discrimination. I would not be surprised if everyone in America was related to a homosexual or two. And it is a scientific fact that most of them are not homosexual by choice. Deal with it.
  2. His father was an Admiral at the an the NVA offered him an out. Mc Cain refused and chose to stay at th Hilton. Now, he is a ring kocker and I'm Quantico, we have no love for each other. However, the truth should be told. Jump on Bush . He was flying CAS over Akansaw while guys were still in country.
  3. I read the comments after the issuance of last month's article from the AL commander who took the unprecedented role of using this web site to voice his personal and political opinion regarding gays in the military. I am white, college educated and straight, born in America veteran, but I feel that all Americans whether they be Black, Vietnamese, Muslim, female, or gay cannot enjoy freedom unless all segments of our society are given the right NOT to be discriminated against. The Courts have spoken and the Congress of the country has spoken. The outrage by the members of the American Legion, 80% of those who responded, voice this same sentiment against the American Legion. It is only a few anti-Americans who voiced their support of the AL article. OK, American Legion, if you have the balls, let's see what you are really made of... apologize!
  4. but I'm not holding my breath. AL has shown its true colors and only a generational sweep of membership will cleanse the ranks.
  5. This kind of compromise for the less than 4% of mis-guided individuals who bought into the theory that the God that we trust, created dysfunctional human beings is stupid. Males and Females were physically designed to pro-create. Allowing gay/lesbians to serve is not the issue here because they were only picked on when they became obviously a distraction to the military mission. How did they do this? By acting/behaving in a way that made straight(normal) individuals un-comfortable! When I served it was important to leave your personal business at home and focus on the job as a mercenary. Then when we hit the beach on liberty call...shore excursions provided a fantasy land where the booze/sex/freedom was plenty. This gave us a mental vacation from the tasks on duty. You just discounted my service by providing benefits to someone who is behaving in a manner that makes most of us sick. Including God...the one we trust?! Disabled American Veteran 100%, Honorable and Straight.
  6. Your childhood brainwashing, of there being an imaginary friend in the sky, is continuing to affect your thinking. Try "reason" for a change. This means thinking with your head, not your emotional organ. You might find it refreshing.
  7. As a gay man that served in the US Navy - I struggled a long time with my orientation and NEVER decided to be gay. No more than others, you perhaps, decided to be straight. Scientific evidence exists of innate homosexual behavior in many species which is not a choice.
  8. I served on board a nuclear fast-attack submarine. We had two homosexuals on board until they were caught "hot-racking" in more ways than one. One of them was removed from our command while the other remained. His flagrant behavior was always a distraction. I think this is a huge mistake. I have 2 gay friends and, not to stereotype, but I can garauntee I wouldn't want either of them to be in charge of watching my back in battle. I suppose wmonen should be on submarines too. I am so sick of this country and it's liberals believing that anyone can and should do whatever they want. If homosexuals want to serve, so be it. But keep your business to yourself. I am a fan of DADT, and all this does is open the door to behavior unbecoming. Obama stinks.
  9. Isn't it just sick how some people in this country believe that everyone should be allowed to be free? Oh yeah, we do have that nasty thing called the Constitution, don't we?
  10. Mike Mullen has at least one Letter of Resignation. A Commander with 18 yrs service has requested to be allowed Resign his Commission when he gets 20 yrs. in Rather than order his troops subject to the additional training. Mullen has said he expects Command to either salute and obey or quit. Homosexual Orientation is a learned behavior based upon unnatural sexual behavior. IT ought be settled Law that such behavior is NOT compatible with Military Service. Article 134 currently reflects that same article that saw Lieutt.Enslin of Colo.Malcoms Regiment drummed from the Service for such detestable and Infamous Crime. Mar.1778. We were taught that in June 1969.I suppose we still had a Moral and Religious Leadership in Congress then.Don't care what the reprobates say it will always be unnatural and an abomination.
  11. If it were merely repeal of DADT I would not mind.But Homosexual behavior is NOT compatible with Military service. Legal Sodomy on Military bases is not legal.The Congressional majority either could not tell the difference between sex ( a God given trait no babe in the womb has ever changed. And no cosmetic surgery done after birth every changed) and Sexual Orientation ( a learned behavior based way of looking at who -or what one desires to have sex with- sexual Orientation can--and does change over ones lifetime.) The Change Obama wants says that homosexuals can continue to be housed with their same sex. The Pentagon working group even suggested males be ordered to continue to shower with known homosexuals.The Pentagon-- and Barney Frank insist it would be disruptive to create all unisex barracks and require males/female/ and homosexuals to shower and sleep in the same open bays. This will be discriminatory beyond anything done under DADT.This is EVIL.
  12. Repeal of DADT is sick. No wonder people dont want to join or participate in Veterans orignizations. Call me what you want, these people are sick and have no place in the Military or anywere else.I guess you could get aids from any transfeusion but knowing its from a queer ( look it up in the dictionary ) in the fox hole with you is a little unsettling. This administration is set on the ruination of this country and we are sitting back and watching it happen. Oh yea we need to be politically correct. God help us all and our Military.
  13. Uphold & defend the Constitution of the USA; Maintain law & order; Foster & perpetuate a 100% Americanism; Preserve the memories & incidents of our associations in the Great Wars; Inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state & nation; Combat the autocracy of both the classes & the masses; Make right the master of might; Promote peace & goodwill on earth; Safeguard & transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom & democracy; Consecrate & sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness. Hmmmm... Having read that, it seems to me that the Legion should have been 100% behind the repeal of DADT. The policy was judged UNCONSTITUTIONAL. If that wasn't enough for you homophobic haters, how about the "To make RIGHT the master of MIGHT"? Or "To combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses." OBVIOUSLY conservatives treat our Preamble a lot like our Constitution - they only adhere to it when it's CONVENIENT for them to do so.
  14. Art SF was way to strange when I was on orders for 'Nam. Sexual Orientation is just that a learned behavior. It is a lifestyle choice that is based primarily upon unnatural and destructive behavior. the Law even under DADT was that homosexual behavior is not compatible with Military Service. I can agree with that. I served as an Army Medic before DADT -and I knew people who claimed to be homosexual who served. NOT one of them was honest about any such Orientation when they enlisted.The big lie is Congress wants to allow open homosexuality /legal sodomy on Military bases And wants to force Everybody who disagrees with such behavior OUT. I will Not support a politician who voted in favor of gays in the Military. And I will Not accept ANY veteran if they identify first as a homosexual.I will recognize Military service -but NOT as a Homosexual trait. Modrn Science affirms the Sacred Writings homosexual behavior has not changed since Moses wrote "The Men of Sodom were wicked..."
  15. The addition of blacks and women have only made our forces stronger. Gays have been serving silently for generations. Those who are worried have nothing to fear except the end of tolerance toward bigotry. This is one straight vet who is glad to see that we are joining the ranks of all the other NATO countries and Isreal who have had no trouble with openly gays soldiers.
  16. Another decision made by people that never served a day on Duty of any kind! Good Luck w/ that one!
  17. I'd much rather trust a civilian (especially my COMMANDER IN CHIEF) than a proven failure who - after incompetently crashing his aircraft got captured by the enemy, made anti-American propaganda tapes for them in exchange for preferential treatment. Yeah, I'm talking about that traitor, McCain. The bastard should be hung for treason.
  18. Another Ill-Advised & Very POOR Decision rendered by the "Commander in Chief". 58% of the US Marines & 48% of the US Soldiers Dissaprove of the Repeal. Don't You think They Know BEST ? Such ARROGANCE !!! Now You Wonder Why Your Approval Ratings are VERY LOW.
  19. Considering how many Marines throw their legs in the air and BEG for it up their butt, I could care less what their polling numbers say, and as for the rest - if 48% is against it - 52% is FOR it, so please, Penelope, take your hate and your immature homophobia and STFU.
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