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Legion, CSAH deliver checks to veterans

This past week, The American Legion sent checks for $500 apiece to 160 veterans and their families across America. Funding for the checks was provided by the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes (CSAH).

“These checks are one way to thank some of our nation’s veterans for their service, and to thank their families for the sacrifices they have made, as well,” said Verna Jones, director of the Legion’s Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division in Washington.

A letter that notified veterans of their Christmas gift stated that the checks, “Represent contributions made by people around the country who are proud of your patriotism and who truly value the liberties you fought to protect. Most of all, they share the desire of (The American Legion and CSAH) to support you as you progress along your personal road to recovery.”

Earlier this month, The American Legion co-sponsored “Road to Recovery” with CSAH in Orlando, Fla. The five-day event hosted veterans and their families at Disney World, where they heard inspirational speakers and attended workshops to help them in their transition back to civilian life.


  1. It showed some appreciation addressed to the veteran and their family.
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