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House passes COLA increase for veterans

The House of Representatives has passed the 2012 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for veterans receiving compensation for service-connected disabilities. The COLA also affects the rates of dependency and indemnity compensation of veterans who died as a result of service.

Although Congress has passed a COLA every year for veterans since 1976, there has not been an increase since 2009. The COLA is tied to the Consumer Price Index, which also adjusts benefits for Social Security recipients.

In May, the House passed H.R. 1407, the companion bill to S. 894, which was voted on today. The 3.6 percent COLA increase will go into effect on Dec. 1 once the legislation is signed into by law by the president.


  1. ....And if you say too are arrested for, our voice, that we originally had freedom not,we are too busy surviving; the condition of this country is NOT what our forefathers had in mind, a good idea gone bad out of 'greed'...:(
  2. change is the answer....but voting??? Seriously? Our votes haven't counted in a very long time! Think about it....the laws, the political raises,who's up for election,the decisions that are made world-wide,the wars.....c'mon....who in their right mind would let ANY of our servicemen be cold,hungry and homeless and even worse...your retirement is taxed!!!! God, how I wish I had an answer!
  3. Permalink, If you just refuse to vote that will do nothing. You need to change who is currently in office now to get the results you are looking for. CHANGE is the answer.
  4. I know a way to get them to notice all of us. There is a thing called voting and if we are not satisfied with the bums hire some new ones Our country is in the doghouse because so many big shots wanted war so they coul get lobbying for contracts. they are pathethic and i for ! will not vote for any of them
  5. 3 years ago we got a 5.8% COLA. It was almost embarrassing because it was close to double the active duty raise, but the snapshot was taken when gas prices had spiked. No COLA the last 2 years? I averaged my COLA from 3 years ago and figure I got about 2% a year. My glass is half full. I see so many that want to say theirs are half empty. I am the captain of my own destiny. If everybody wants to get more and give less, we can look at Europe and see how that will work out?
  6. I'd love to see congress survive on occasional COLA increases, especially at 3.6% on such a small monthly stipend. The men and women that secure and protect our borders should be paid well above the congressional bullies we have to pay for the rest of our earning lives, and for what???? Our vet's deserve so much more! They deserve respect and honor, and should never be homeless or hungry. Think about that you congressional dummies while you enjoy the perks hijacked at our expense. It's disgusting you all still have your jobs!!!
  7. OK, I'll take it. But I'm cranked at the "high coefficient of dumb gov't buzz & blather" in the COLA news. Did anyone note that, altho there was a definition of "What's a C.O.L.A.?", there's NO LINK to tell how it's calc'd? What's a website for? My bank doesn't make it easy to find the interest rate they pay on savings accts; they too are actually ASHAMED of it! Dig, dig, ahh! HUH? 0.04% APR. That's 4/100ths of ONE percent, people. That's ~$4.50/YR on a $10k bal! Yeah; I earned $0.01 last month on my $591.53; a slap in the face! They'd be better off to not remind us of our plight! Just drop the sham & save the cost to calc & post the "reward". 800 million pennies is a nice crumb for any bank. Spread it thin, & it loses its critical mass. DUMB! Sure, 3.6% will help a precious few. My 10% rating will see $4.43 more & will be "invested" in my KIDS; paying for food & fuel so I can keep demonstrating to them how to keep "stayin alive" until good times return. But, I will say "Thanks!" ;)
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